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Kattegattleden - The Coastal Tour of Sweden (10 days)

"Kattegattleden" - the cycle path on the Swedish west coast

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The Kattegattroute - Sweden's first National Cycle Route - is a 370km long cycle route in a unique region by the sea. The route runs through the whole of Hålland, between Helsingborg in the south and Gothenburg in the north. You drive through fantastic coastal nature, overlook wonderful sandy beaches and great vantage points. The route winds through quaint fishing villages and charming towns, passing several historical sites and other attractions worth visiting. Cafes and restaurants are located all along the route, so you never have to go hungry. Join us on this wonderful bike tour! From the saddle you will experience unforgettable moments, always accompanied by the scent and sight of the sea.

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Check into the centrally located hotel. Hope you have time to visit this beautiful medieval seaside town.

Overnight place: Malmo

From vibrant Malmö to quieter Lomma, where the newly built harbor area combines with old houses on cobblestone streets. There is also a winery with its own production and farm shops with fair trade and ecological offers. On the way to Landskrona you will cross open countryside with beautiful sea views and nature. Once in Landskrona you will find a wealth of art exhibitions and theater performances throughout the year. At the heart of the city is the Citadel, one of Scandinavia's best-preserved 16th-century fortresses, and in the fortress valleys lies Sweden's oldest colony, an oasis of floral splendor. In addition to the cultural offerings, history and art exhibitions, you will also find beach life here. If you want an adventure at sea, you can take a fishing boat out onto the strait.

Overnight place: Landskrona

In only 27 km between Landskrona and Helsingborg you can experience a lot!
As it is only a short drive today, we suggest starting the day by getting your bike on the boat and taking a detour to the island of Ven, where you will enjoy the tranquility, beautiful scenery and fantastic food in the local farm shops to be able to enjoy. From Ålabodarna in the north you soon come to Borstahusen, which is an idyll in itself! This old fishing village from the 18th century has its own fish smokehouse. Here's a look at Ven! The hilly and beautiful landscape on the slopes of Glumslöv is hard to miss and makes you think of Tuscany. Just before Helsingborg you reach the picturesque fishing village of Råå. The stage ends in Helsingborg, a continental and lively city with a cozy city center. In Helsingborg there are many opportunities for history buffs, beautiful castles, wild animals or beautiful nature. Here you will find Sofiero Castle with a large park garden with over 10.000 rhododendron bushes. Just outside of Helsingborg you will find the Fredriksdal Open Air Museum.

Overnight place: Helsingborg

This part of the Kattegattleden offers a beautiful coastal tour with breathtaking views of Øresund and the Danish Zealand.
You start your journey in Helsingborg, passing Sofiero Castle with its magnificent garden, voted the most beautiful in Europe in 2010. The route continues up to Höganäs and out into the beautiful, rocky landscape of the Kullahalvön Peninsula. At the very tip of Kullahalvön is the Kullaberg Nature Reserve. If you have time to detour off the trail, it's worth a visit.

If you keep driving you will soon reach Höganäs, where farm shops and tasty food are a trademark. Some of Skåne's best vineyards are also located here. If the weather permits, you can stop and enjoy a picnic lunch along the way.

The tour continues around the beautiful, dramatic peninsula of Kullahalvön to the 500-year-old town of Ängelholm, your destination for the day 62 km.
It is possible to shorten the route to 46 km by leaving the path and cycling about 10 km on a quiet side road between Höganäs and Jonstorp.

Overnight place: Ängelholm

From Ängelholm, Kattegattleden continues along the coast before branching off and taking you across the peninsula into the heart of Bjäre. The climb is gentle at first but soon becomes steeper. You now enter a modern agricultural environment and gradually reach the small-scale farming landscape typical of Bjärehalvön, which has been characterized by livestock since prehistoric times. After an exciting ride over the ridge, the route ends in the entertainment metropolis of Båstad. A few kilometers after Båstad you and your bike take the train to Halmstad. A total of 60km. (41 km if you take a shortcut across the Bjäre Peninsula)

Price for adults + bike, about 10-20 EUR. The trains run regularly. Bicycles depending on the space available on the train.

If you want to travel the entire route from Ängelholm to Halmstad without a train, the total distance is 94 km, or 76 km if you take a shortcut and skip the Bjäre Peninsula.

After Båstad, the route runs along one of Sweden's longest sandy beaches and then turns inland to the Gullbränna and Tönnersa nature reserves. Shortly thereafter you will reach Halmstad and the route will take you through the city centre.

Overnight place: Halmstad

From Halmstad the journey continues west to one of the west coast's most popular beaches, Tylösand, followed by the beaches of Frösakull, Ringenäs and Vilshärad. After that, the road turns east and connects with the Kustvägen, the coastal road. On the way you will pass several beautiful nature reserves with unique salt meadows before and after the charming village of Steninge. Close to Steninge beach, the landscape changes from barren and rocky to a lush agricultural setting, leading you to your overnight spot for the day: Falkenberg

Overnight place: Falkenberg

The route continues through the town of Falkenberg, one of the oldest medieval towns in the Hallands. As you approach Varberg, the day's final destination, you'll pass Apelviken, a beach that attracts windsurfers from all over Europe. A short drive further, the Varberg Fortress towers in front of you and is well worth a visit. If you feel like a challenge, you can cycle up to the fortress. Or visit Societetsparken instead and take a well-deserved break in the shade of the green trees.

Overnight place: Varberg

North of Varberg the landscape changes - sandy beaches give way to rocky cliffs and the first islands such as Getterön, Balgö and Vendelsö appear. Further on you reach a quiet stretch along the sea and the beautiful beaches of Åsa.

Further up the route we recommend a short detour to Tjolöholm Castle, Sweden's only Tudor castle, before continuing to Kungsbacka, the last stop for today and one of western Sweden's largest trading centres.

It is possible to shorten the route to 50 km by cycling from Varberg to Åsa or by train from Åsa to Kungsbacka.

A nice detour from the official Kattegattleden trail is the bike ride to Fjärås Bräcka, famous for the 100 standing stones on the Li burial ground. The route continues on small roads along fields and horse pastures until you reach Kungsbacka. This route is not signposted so you need to check the map or follow the gpx track.

Overnight place: Kungsbacka

This last section of the route leads along the Kungsbacka Fjord back to the sea. You pass the small coastal village of Särö, where royal society and Gothenburg society met for pleasure in the early 20th century. The trail continues along cliffs, lush forests, bays and small harbors that offer plenty of opportunities for swimming and relaxing. As you approach Gothenburg city center, you'll pass Nya Varvet and the Klippan cultural reserve and continue along the Göta älv to your destination: the Gothenburg Opera House and the Lilla Bommen harbour. Welcome to Gothenburg!

63 km. It can be shortened to 41 km by leaving out the Onsala Peninsula.

Overnight place: Gothenburg

Your tour along Kattegattleden ends after breakfast. Not ready to go yet? Let us know and we'll be happy to help you book more days!

Overnight place: Gothenburg (departure)

  • 9 nights including breakfast
  • Luggage transfer from hotel to hotel
  • 7 days service hotel
  • 1x per room travel documents
  • GPS data on request

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Double room including breakfast Cat. I/Cat. II
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Single room including breakfast Cat. I/Cat. II
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Rental bikes

  • Rental bike with luggage bag: 220,00 €
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Additional Services

  • Single traveler surcharge: 210,00 €
  • Private transfer Gothenburg-Malmö (1-4 people, including your own bike, advance reservation when registering for the trip): 385,00 €
  • Collective transfer Gothenburg-Malmö (per person, incl. own bike, advance reservation when registering for the trip) (Mondays only) : 110,00 €


Room price per person Cat. I/Cat. II
Doppelzimmer inkl. Frühstück 85,00 €
Einzelzimmer inkl. Frühstück 125,00 €

Gothenburg (departure)

Room price per person Cat. I/Cat. II
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Einzelzimmer inkl. Frühstück 166,00 €

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Very nice and well organized tour

The Kattegattleden is a very beautiful, well-signposted cycle path. The quality of cycle paths in Sweden is very good overall. The quality and location of the hotels was good, even if we would have preferred a less central location on the weekend, as there is a lot of partying in the cities on the weekend. The hotel in Gothenburg has a good location, although the windows don't open waren, is a bit difficult for a stay of four days and gives a feeling of being trapped. The sightseeing tips along the route waren helpful. Personally, now that we know the route, we would plan a second night in one place or another to have more time. Overall, it was a very nice trip that we have already recommended to others.
- Petra B.

Anonymous review

- Andreas W.

5,0 / 5 stars
SWE 03

Kattegattleden - The Coastal Tour of Sweden (10 days)

10 days
Overnight stays
9 nights
Overnight stays
about 312 - 388 km

Daily departure 01.05. – 30.09.2024//

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Attention: This trip is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

A smooth and comfortable journey is of paramount importance. There are a number of options available to you when you travel to Sweden.

Flight option:

A flight may sometimes be cheap and comfortable, but the check-in process requires time and attention. In addition, taking your own bike on a flight is extremely expensive. In this case it would be more advisable to get a rental bike locally. If you still prefer a flight, I recommend flying to Copenhagen Airport for the outward journey. Gothenburg Airport, which is also Sweden's second largest airport, is a good choice for the return journey.

car option:

Having your own car offers flexibility and allows you to stop and take breaks at any time. However, if you are going to Sweden just for this tour and want to return afterwards, I would like to draw your attention to a few cost considerations. If you want to drive to Sweden via Denmark, please keep in mind that the two Great Belt bridges charge a toll of 30-50 euros per bridge per trip. You can of course also take the ferry to shorten the route. Please note, however, that the shipping companies charge high prices for this. Here you would have to reckon with about 90-180 euros for the crossing. Once you arrive in Malmö, you should also calculate parking fees of 15-25 euros per day. All in all, the use of the car is quite expensive.

Lane option:

This option is very popular with our customers. Unfortunately, I can't tell you anything about the exact prices because I'm not very familiar with this area. However, I know that there is a train connection from Hamburg to Copenhagen, which takes about 3-4 hours and also allows you to take bicycles with you. From Copenhagen it is then only about 15 minutes by S-Bahn to Malmö, where you can easily take your own bikes with you.

Ferry option as a pedestrian:

This option is also very popular. There are two good departure options: one with the shipping company Stena Line from Rostock to Trelleborg with a journey time of about 6 hours or, what I would rather recommend, with the shipping company FRS-Baltic from Sassnitz/Mukran to Trelleborg with a journey time of about 2,5, 3 hours. You can conveniently leave your car in the port (Rostock: 6 euros per day // Mukran: 2 euros per day) and then board with your luggage and bike. For the crossing with FRS-Baltic I checked and for 80 people including bike the price was around 300 euros per trip. Once you arrive in Trelleborg, it is only a maximum of 400-6 meters to the train station, from where you can travel to Malmo. The ride including bike costs about 8- euros per person.


General tip for traveling by car

You can easily find a large overview of parking spaces on the external website www.parkopedia.de . view

The hotels now shown are example hotels. If a hotel is fully booked, we would inquire about the next hotel:

Elite Plaza Hotel (Malmo, ****):

The Elite Plaza Hotel is an elegant 4-star hotel in Malmo. It is centrally located and offers luxury accommodation along with a host of amenities including an on-site restaurant, bar, fitness center and free WiFi.

Hamnhotellet Kronan (Landskrona, ***):

Hamnhotellet Kronan is a charming 3-star hotel in Landskrona. It is close to the port and offers comfortable rooms with a maritime flair. The hotel has a restaurant and offers beautiful views of the water.

Elite Hotel Mollberg (Helsingborg, ****):

The Elite Hotel Mollberg is a stylish 4-star hotel in the center of Helsingborg. The historical building combines modern comfort with traditional charm. The hotel offers well-appointed rooms, a restaurant, bar and free WiFi.

Best Western Plus Hus 57 (Angelholm, ****):

The Best Western Plus Hus 57 is a modern 4-star hotel in Ängelholm. It offers comfortable rooms, a fitness center, sauna and free WiFi. The hotel also has a restaurant where you can enjoy regional and international cuisine.

Best Western Plus Grand Hotel (Halmstad, ****):

The Best Western Plus Grand Hotel is a superior 4-star hotel in the center of Halmstad. It offers elegant rooms, a restaurant, a bar and free WiFi. The hotel is close to shops, restaurants, and attractions.

Grand Hotel Falkenberg (Falkenberg, ***):

The Grand Hotel Falkenberg is a charming 3-star hotel in Falkenberg. It is close to the sea and offers comfortable rooms and a restaurant. The hotel has a cozy atmosphere and is ideal for a relaxing stay.

Varberg's Stadshotell & Asia Spa (Varberg, ****):

Varbergs Stadshotell & Asia Spa is a 4-star hotel in Varberg. It offers stylish rooms, an exclusive spa with various wellness treatments, a restaurant and free WiFi. The hotel is near the sea and has a beautiful view.

Best Western Hotell Halland (Kungsbacka, ***):

The Best Western Hotell Halland is a 3-star hotel in Kungsbacka. It offers comfortable rooms, a fitness center and free Wi-Fi. The hotel also has a restaurant where you can enjoy your meals.

Comfort Hotel Gothenburg (Gothenburg, ***):

The Comfort Hotel Göteborg is a modern hotel in Gothenburg. It offers comfortable rooms, a breakfast buffet, a bar and free WiFi. The hotel is located near the city center and is a good starting point for exploring the city.


 It is possible that changes have occurred since then.

Not included: Cultural tax, bed tax, arrival and departure, transfers, excursions, entrance and sightseeing fees, city maps, ferry fees, insurance, tips and personal expenses

Surcharge for single travellers: 249€ (surcharge due to separate luggage transfers)

General information

Not included in the price: Cultural development tax, bed tax, arrival and departure, transfers, excursions, entrance and sightseeing fees, city maps, ferry fees, insurance, tips and personal expenses.
This trip is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Maps presented are for illustrative purposes only and do not reflect geographical reality.

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