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Bicycle trips bring a whole new holiday experience

That's the individual kick: going on a bike tour completely relaxed and free.

Cycling trips on foot is not only healthy for the back and joints, but also brings a relaxed rhythm to the life of body, mind and soul. A bike tour has that certain something, on the one hand the adventure tour and the challenge, on the other hand discovering landscapes in a different way and from a completely different perspective. The wind rushes past you quietly, between wind, sun and rain, spirit and strength decide your progress between valleys, hills and mountains.

The daily routine can quickly be forgotten, tensions become relaxation. Why wander into the distance when happiness is sometimes so close to your front door. Germany is a wonderful cycling country with extremely charming landscapes, cultures and sights from north to south, between the rolling waves of the coast and the glaciers of the Alps towering into the sky. Cycle tours in Germany are becoming increasingly popular as they are suitable for everyone.

ZWei Frauen die vor einem Heuhaufen auf einer Wiese sitzen und eine Karte studieren

Cycle far away

Everyone will find their stage on the bike tours through Germany and also in other European countries such as Holland. It doesn't matter whether they are pleasure cyclists who would like to taste wine in the vineyards, nature lovers who want to explore the splendor and scenery of nature for themselves and their soul, or sprinters who want to reveal their talent. The way is the goal and that is what matters. Everyone will be proud when the goal is reached. It is a relaxing pleasure for all cyclists, even if the adrenaline level threatens to rise immeasurably.

Prepare for the bike trip

Good organization is the harbinger of "fitness and fun" on the bike. A good bike is the best prerequisite for a successful stage. This applies to both athletes and nature lovers. Solid bikes with light frames and rims are the better tools of a bike trip. For larger tours, a stable bike with a luggage load of at least 50 kilograms should be available. If the tires have a good profile, the cyclists will also survive the deeper climate zones such as rain or snow. Road safety is the absolute be-all and end-all of a bike tour, so it makes sense to have it checked beforehand. By the way, there are good ones too Rental bikes at the Mecklenburger Radtour. Bike tour maps and GPS navigation should not be missing either. Cyclists have different demands on the roads than drivers. The travel routes that are published by the tour operators are all practice-oriented and have been tried and tested.

Active vacation on the bike, that has something. Start planning your itinerary in a relaxed manner with us in advance. Not only the travel route is taken care of, but also transfer, excursions, food, accommodation and all-round emergency and service. At least this bike trip does not take away any unnecessary time for the cyclist to organize. The tours are designed so well that the guide only has to decide which tour he would like to take for financial, health and scheduling reasons.

Everything important has already been taken care of for you

We lovingly take care of your accommodations, in which you as a cyclist do not have to do without the necessary comfort. The advantage compared to a trip in the classic sense is that you can see many more scenic attractions and sights, that you can still write the word freedom to travel very big and prescribe peace of mind for your body despite physical exertion. An active and healthy bike tour is recommended for every age group, provided the effort and vitality are given. View all cycle tours now!

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