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cycling holiday

Wonderful active holiday on the bike

If you don't spend your holidays lazily lying around on the beach or pool, but rather enjoy beautiful landscapes, cities worth seeing want to explore and do some sport at the same time, then a cycling holiday is just the right thing for you. Because cycling holidays are a wonderful way to to spend holidays actively and combines all these components of nature, culture and exercise in a wonderful way. Such an active holiday by bike offers you an all-round successful A change from everyday life and gives you relaxation.

Fahrradurlaub an einem Schloss

In the midst of the scenic expanse and freedom, you can distance yourself from professional stress, switch off and recharge your batteries by simply enjoying cycling in the fresh air to the full and immersing yourself in the beauty of the route. You clear your head and can collect great new impressions at the same time. Impressions of breathtaking flora and fauna on the edge of the cycle path, but also of admirable sights and fun destinations in the cities that you will pass through on your cycling holiday. Cycling holidays are not just one active holiday, but also at the same time Enjoy nature and city trip and thus offers a great variety that will make your holiday an unforgettable highlight.

Family vacation by bike

Cycling holidays are ideal as Family Holidays. Children have a lot of energy and a strong urge to explore, they want to move and discover new things, both of which they can do wonderfully on a bike tour. The cycle route, which has to be mastered every day, ensures the necessary physical exertion, crossing nature and passing interesting stations for fun and adventure. In addition, the great thing about a cycling holiday is that the family spends the whole day together and does activities together. This strengthens the bond and creates great memories. All of these advantages really make cycling holidays the ideal family holiday.

To ensure that a cycling holiday with children is a complete success for the whole family, there are a few things to consider when planning. Of course, younger children in particular are not yet able to cover such long and demanding distances as adults. The daily stages of a family bike tour should therefore not be more than 30 kilometers long and should be broken up with many small breaks. In addition, potential dangers from heavy traffic should be kept to a minimum. When choosing a route for a family-friendly cycling holiday, cycle paths with a simple degree of difficulty are suitable, which are characterized by a flat course without any inclines and, at best, run far away from roads. This applies to many river cycle paths in Germany, which is why they are highly recommended for family cycling holidays.

And last but not least, a family bike holiday shouldn’t just consist of cycling and visiting the cities you visit, otherwise the kids can quickly get bored. A family-friendly cycling holiday is characterized by the fact that child-friendly and exciting variety is offered, for example with a stay on a farm, a visit to a climbing forest or outdoor pool, canoeing or numerous other activities and attractions.

A bike holiday together is not just for families with older children who can already ride a bike themselves. Even small children can easily be taken on a cycling holiday by being pulled by their parents in the trailer.

Frau mit ihren beiden Kindern im Wasser
Opa und Kind mit Fahrrad
Zwei Radfahrer am Hafen
Zwei Radfahrer auf dem Radweg

The most beautiful cycle paths for a cycling holiday

A cycling holiday can be undertaken almost anywhere. Not only is Germany an excellent place to travel by bike, but you can also discover other countries with a very special closeness to the nature and culture of the foreign country.

In Germany you have over 200 long-distance cycle paths to choose from for a cycling holiday. In order to find the right cycle path here, it is worth taking a look at the quality cycle routes awarded by the Allgemeine Deutscher Fahrrad-Club eV, ADFC for short. These promise you good to excellent conditions in terms of passability, signage, tourist infrastructure and other criteria for a successful cycling holiday. So are the bike path through the lovely Tauber Valley and the Main-Bike path with the highest rating of five stars and thus by far the most wonderful destinations for a cycling holiday. ADFC quality cycle paths with four stars are, for example, the Fulda cycle path, the Dahme cycle path, the Ilmvalley cycle path, the Lahn Valley Cycle Path,  Oder-Neiße-Bike path, the Saar Cycle Path and the Spree Cycle Path. The list of cycle paths awarded by the ADFC could be continued for a long time, so you can see that Germany really offers a wide range of first-class cycle tours for your holiday. If you would like to cross our neighboring country Austria by bike, you can easily find a nice travel destination here as well, because the ADFC has also awarded some cycle paths the title of quality route, such as the Neusiedler Seenradweg with five stars or the Austrian part of the Danube -Radweg, the Drau-Radweg, the Mur-Radweg, the Tauern-Radweg and the Traisental-Radweg with four stars.

A cycling holiday abroad can be particularly exciting, because you can explore the country traveled through up close by bike. Great cycle paths can be found in, for example DenmarkFrance and Spain, but certainly also everywhere else in the world where you are drawn to on holiday.

The right equipment for a cycling holiday

Of course, the special form of cycling holidays requires special preparation and special luggage. If you want to ride your bike tour with your own bike, you should rent one again beforehand thorough check undergo and make any necessary repairs. In this way you can at least create a good basis for being spared annoying mishaps on vacation. Nevertheless, an air pump, repair kit, tools and a few spare and small parts should be part of the equipment for your cycling holiday so that you can quickly remedy the situation if something does happen. Yours too travel pharmacy should be tailored to cycling and the potential dangers it poses. So pack a first aid kit, bandages, insect repellent and disinfectant, and any other medication you may need.

Of course, suitable equipment is also part of the equipment for a bicycle trip cycling clothing, as you spend most of your time outdoors and can be exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions. It is therefore essential that you not only take enough change of clothes with you, but also a good mix of airy and short clothing for warm days and long, warm and weatherproof clothing for cold and rainy days. Rain pants and a windproof and waterproof jacket should not be missing in your luggage, rain overshoes and a helmet cap can also be very useful. Finally, the equipment for your cycling holiday is completed with maps and other documents that may be important. This includes, for example, the corresponding cycle tour maps and cycle tour maps, cycle travel guides and, for trips abroad, also phrasebooks, as well as a list of accommodation options, such as a "Bett+Bike" and DJH directory.

Of course, the best way to store your cycling equipment is in the panniers provided. Depending on how much luggage you have, you can attach a packing roll and two smaller panniers at the front, so-called low-rider bags, in addition to the bags to be attached to the rear rack. A handlebar bag with a map compartment also proves to be very useful. In general, however, the less luggage you have, the greater the driving pleasure. When packing for your bike trip, think carefully about what you really need and what you need to take with you. With such thorough preparation and the right equipment in your luggage, your cycling holiday is guaranteed to be a complete success.

Experience a lot in a multi-day cycling holiday

A vacation usually only brings the longed-for relaxation effect after a certain period of time. That's why you should also opt for multi-day tours during your cycling holiday. short tours with a duration of three to four days are an excellent way to spend a long weekend far away from everyday life, but for an extended holiday that really provides relaxation and regeneration, bike tours of one week or more are much better suited. Another advantage of a cycling holiday spanning several days or even weeks is, of course, that you can cycle much further and cross more landscapes and visit cities. In this way you gain even more distance from the stress of working life and can collect even more great new impressions. For example, relax on a fortnight Bicycle tour on the Baltic Sea Cycle Path in the fresh sea air or cycle relaxed for twelve days on the Elbe Cycle Path from Prague to Berlin.

Cycling holiday with all amenities

The independent planning of a bicycle trip costs a lot of time and effort, because so much has to be considered and organized. And when cycling, heavy luggage only interferes with the fun of riding and the full enjoyment of nature.

So if you have one Cycling holiday with all amenities then we would be happy to take care of all the preparations for you, from booking your accommodation and obtaining suitable maps to providing you with a high-quality branded bicycle for hire. Not to be forgotten is the particularly practical luggage transport. While you can cycle completely free of ballast, your luggage will be transported safely to your next overnight accommodation. And in the event of breakdowns or problems, we are of course your contact and helper, so you can spend your well-deserved holiday without any worries.

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