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Beautiful bike tours along the Havel ☀️

Karte des Havel Radwegs
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Cycling holidays on the glittering Havel - an experience for young and old

The Havelradweg belongs Germany's most beautiful river cycle paths. At 344 kilometers, the Havel is a good 30 kilometers shorter than the actual cycle path, but that clearly speaks for it countless unique natural oases and the intoxicating urban landscape. Get on the saddle and cycle through four federal states well-developed and signposted cycle paths: from the source of the Havel near Ankershagen through the Mecklenburg Lake District, the Ruppiner Seenland to Havelberg, where the Havel flows into the Elbe behind the city. It wait exciting sightsto the Explore, discover and be amazed invite!

  • over 370 kilometers of cycle paths
  • relaxed cycling with little difference in altitude
  • perfect mixture of city experience and nature discovery
  • four states at once
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Popular cycle tours on the Havel cycle path

Discover Berlin, Brandenburg and the Mecklenburg Lake District

A cycling holiday through the Havelland leads to numerous excursion possibilities to the must-see places in the region. Wait here varied and exciting highlights and experiences on you!

Waren at the Müritz: on the largest inland lake in Germany

Waren is located on the Müritz, Germany's largest inland lake.In addition to its architectural charm and the unique and versatile Müritz Nature Park entices the city with the Müritzeum, the house of 1000 lakes,numerous cycling holidaymakers every year. Here will everything worth knowing about the flora and fauna of the region and the adjacent national park. The best: Admission to the Müritzeum is already included in most of our bike tours!

Blick auf die Müritz in Waren, Mecklenburgische Seenplatte
View of the Müritz in Waren, Mecklenburg Lake District

Ankershagen: the Schliemann town

Since 2007, there has been the near Ankershagen official starting point of the Havel. Exactly where the wild beautiful river initially there is still a small stream, the Havel cycle path begins. But Ankershagen itself also offers fantastic attractions, which will make your cycling holiday on the Havel unforgettable. The local Heinrich Schliemann Museum sits down with the Life and work of the discoverer of Troy apart - certainly worth a visit for history buffs!

Neustrelitz: the old royal seat

The royal seat of the former Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Neustrelitz, is definitely one of the major highlights along the Havel Cycle Path. The charming small town attracts with its historical flair: Discover the Marketplace with illuminated water features, visit it Town hall or equip the town church a visit. The impressive buildings are the Highlights of the baroque ensemble of the city, surrounded by lots of things worth seeing Classicism and Art Nouveau buildings.

Panoramablick auf den Marktplatz in Neustrelitz
Panoramic view of the market square in Neustrelitz

The water town of Fürstenberg

The city of Fürstenberg is located in the middle of an extensive forest and lake area directly on the Havelradweg and is the only water town in Germany. The region around Fürstenberg is known for its bathing lakes, which score with excellent water quality. One of the most impressive buildings in Fürstenberg is the City church in neo-Byzantine style, built from yellow bricks. Immediately next to Fürstenberg is the Ravensbrück memorial site, which commemorates the largest women's concentration camp in German history. There you will learn in various Exhibitions the history of this place.

Oranienburg on the Oberhavel

This is definitely one of the most beautiful sights in Oranienburg Oranienburg Palace. The oldest baroque castle in the Mark Brandenburg today shows various exhibitions such as those of the Prussian Palaces Foundation or Gardens Berlin-Brandenburg. There, the diverse history of Prussia is presented in the form of paintings, silver treasures and the famous porcelain cabinet presents. In addition, the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial reached quickly. There you can learn about the history of the concentration camp in the permanent exhibition. West of Oranienburg is the Animal and leisure park Germendorf, the one with exotic as well as with domestic animal species in particular excellent for children at a hunt.

Idyllischer Blick auf das Schloss Oranienburg an der Havel
Idyllic view of Oranienburg Castle on the Havel

Berlin: the capital of Germany

big city feeling in a different way: Whoever is on the Havel Cycle Path gets a very special view of the vibrant capital. Beautiful green stripes dotted with idyllic city cafés, adorn the Havel cycle path along the western outskirts. You will reach the first foothills of the green urban jungle Quiet, well-developed bike paths close to the shore in Berlin-Spandau. Here belongs a visit to the Spandau Citadele or the shore of the sparkling Wannsee easy to.

Knew: With our exclusive wall cycle path discover the history of the Berlin Wall up close!

Entspannt Radeln am Reichstag in Berlin
Relaxed cycling at the Reichstag in Berlin

Potsdam: the capital of Brandenburg

On the Havel cycle path, cyclists can reach the Glienicke Bridge the beautiful Potsdam with its unique castle and park landscape. This is probably the best known Sanssouci Palace, the "Prussian Versailles", which has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site is. It is therefore hardly surprising that the palace is the most visited attraction in Potsdam. But the city center is also definitely worth a trip! Experience the historic center of the city as well as the city canal, the New Market and the Old Market with the Nikolaikirche, the Town hall as well as the Brandenburg state parliament. Besides, that is Dutch quarter of Potsdam with its numerous small cafes, restaurants and handicraft shops as if made for relaxed strolls!

Luftbildaufnahme von der Glienicker Brücke in Potsdam
Aerial photograph of the Glienicker Bridge in Potsdam

The flower city of Werder

The city of Werder is national above all because of that traditional tree blossom festival, one of the largest folk festivals in Germany. That usually finds around May 1st instead of. Next to the amusement offerings are the ones located near the Havelradweg orchards in the surrounding area from Werder at the center of the festival. This makes it particularly popular with cycling holidaymakers, since nature at this time shines in all sorts of colors. In addition to the homemade fruit wines, we also recommend the numerous other delicacies from the local farmers!

By the way: The Prussian horticultural virtuoso and urban planner Peter Joseph Lenné left his mark in Werder. So be sure to visit the beautiful castle park!

Blick auf die Die Blütenstadt Werder an der Havel
View of the flower city of Werder on the Havel

Brandenburg an der havel

Like the other cities on the Havel, Brandenburg is located in the middle of a forest and water landscape and is criss-crossed by many river arms. The city on the Havel cycle path has a total of three historic city centers, which together create a special Architectural ensemble of cathedral island, new and old town form. During a leisurely city tour, the thousand-year-old city of Brandenburg explore well.

Our tip: Be sure to keep an eye on nature in and around Brandenburg an der Havel. With a bit of luck you will discover kingfishers, storks and beavers at work. Especially around the banks of the Havel and the adjacent lakes that Gateway to the largest European water sports area mark, nature experiences of the extra class await!

Blick auf das Kloster St. Johannis in Brandenburg an der Havel
View of the St. Johannis Monastery in Brandenburg an der Havel

The Hanseatic City of Havelberg

Already the way over the fantastically developed cycle paths to Havelberg is a real treat! The cathedral and parts of the old town can be seen from afar. In recent years, the small town has become a true Mecca for bike enthusiasts developed - eventually Six (long-distance) cycle paths meet here!

Explore from St. Mary's Cathedral from the city surrounded by greenery, which has a long history as a former bishopric. Learn in House of Rivers everything about the river landscapes of the region in exciting exhibitions. We also recommend the Havelberg horse market, one of the largest in Europe. Every first weekend in September, several thousand horse dealers, showmen and holiday guests are drawn to the charming town on the Havel.

Panoramablick über die Havel
Panoramic view of Havelberg in Saxony-Anhalt

Our extensive range of cycle tours in Havelland

Discover our fantastic bike tours along the Havel. With our travel offers you can take every highlight in Havelland with you and marvel at the diversity of the region. Whether it's the hustle and bustle of the big city or the charming village atmosphere: there's something exciting for everyone along the Havel!

Excellent region

4,6 / 5 stars
rated by 28 cyclists.

From Oranienburg to the imperial baths of the Baltic Sea

This seven-day bike tour will guide you from Oranienburg to the beautiful Baltic Sea coast the island Usedom. A visit to Museum in prison near Liebenwalde is the fitting start of your Dream vacation along the Havel and over the Mecklenburg Lake District. Your first stages take you via Zehdenick to an old monastery ruin Cistercian convent. Then he waits legendary Stechlinsee in the Ruppiner Seenland. He is one of most beautiful lakes in Brandenburg, which Theodor Fontane raved about in his time. Take the opportunity and take a little breather here. Enjoy the surrounding nature from its most idyllic side!

Seebrücke von Heringsdorf auf der Insel Usedom bei Sonnenaufgang
Heringsdorf pier on the island Usedom at sunrise

After you have your accommodation in Neustrelitz have moved in, an extensive city tour is a good idea. One of the many highlights of the city is the Steeple of the town church. From the top you have one fantastic panoramic view of the entire town and the unique landscapes of the Mecklenburg Lake District. Halfway to Neubrandenburg they load listed Hohenzieritz Castle and the adjoining castle park for a visit.

Eventually you reach over the Friedländer Wiese and the Ueckermünder Heide the Szczecin Lagoon, from where you can take the ferry to the sunny island Usedom translate and then into the three imperial baths Ahlbeck, Bansin and Heringsdorf cycle. These natural oases are excellent to either your End the trip relaxed to let or with Option to extend to explore the Baltic Sea in more detail.

Round trip through the Mark Brandenburg

Bring the essence of summer, sun, beach, and sea directly into your glass with our Mojito cocktail syrup. By topping it with soda, garnishing with fresh mint, and a slice of lime, you can quickly mix yourself a spritz cocktail. The premium lime-mint flavor ensures a pure beach feeling. Circuit on the Havelradweg discover in eight days the Brandenburg-Prussian history of the region. After your arrival in Oranienburg and a possible Visit to the Oranienburg Castle Museum including the palace park, you set off on your first leg to Berlin-Spandau. The one there Spandau citadel is an impressive testimony to the past and absolutely worth a visit! through the diverse river and lake landscape, past the famous Wannsee and further along the Havel you reach Potsdam, which also knows how to impress with its magnificent palaces and parks. About the Blossom City Werder follow the course of the Havel and enjoy the idyllic landscape in all its beauty. Brandenburg an der havel, Westhavelland nature park and the magnificent town of Rathenow: The poet Theodor Fontane already knew the scenic and urban Beauty of the regions on the Havel appreciate. As a final highlight on your way back to Oranienburg, we recommend a short stop in Velten and a visit there Furnace and Ceramics Museum.

Blick auf das Brandenburger Tor in Potsdam bei herrlichen Sonnenschein
View of the Brandenburg Gate in Potsdam in glorious sunshine

Large round trip through the Mecklenburg Lake District and Havelland

Our XXL round tour on the Havel connects that dreamlike Havellandwith the Mecklenburg Lake District, the land of 1.000 lakes. Her 13-day bike tour starts in Waren at the Müritz. A detailed tour of the Müritzeum, which brings you closer to the flora and fauna of the region, we warmly recommend. For this we recommend that you arrive a day earlier or visit the exhibitions after your bike tour along the Havel.

Blick auf die Die Blütenstadt Werder an der Havel
View of the flower city of Werder on the Havel

This is the starting point of your tour Havel headwaters near Ankershagen. On your journey you cycle along endless lake landscapes through Fürstenberg and Oranienburg to Berlin. In addition to the big city feeling of the capital, the Spandau citadel, which is absolutely worth a visit with its force! You will then go through the Forst Grunewald and along the Wannsee to Potsdam. With its castles and parks, the city is one of the major highlights along the river cycle path. The romantic Havel landscape with the rich and diverse Westhavelland Nature Park takes you to Havelberg, where the Havel divides, flows into the Elbe and another arm of the river flows on to Gnevsdorf.

Via Pritzwalk and Röbel on the west bank of the Müritz you cycle your last stage, which you go through gentle and open hilly landscapes leads. Follow the cycle path along the shore of Germany's largest inland lake back to Waren, where your breathtaking cycle tour on the Havelradweg finds the final highlight - simply unforgettable!

One week bike tour from Waren to Potsdam

Our bike ride from Waren on the Müritz to Potsdam takes you through it within a week most beautiful lake landscapes of the Mecklenburg Lake District and along the Havel to spectacular Potsdam. You cycle from the Havel headwaters, about which there is an excellent exhibition in Kratzeburg via Ankershagen to the former royal seat of Neustrelitz. There's plenty to do the next day visits tocastle garden as well as a visit to Slavic village on the Zierker See at. Through the impressive Uckermark Lake District Nature Park experience an impressive onward journey to Fürstenberg. The flora and fauna of the region is breathtaking.

Blick auf die Müritz in Röbel
View of the Müritz in Röbel

Along the upper Havel lowlands you finally reach Oranienburg, where we have a Visit to Oranienburg Palace very recommended. The next highlight is the Oder-Havel Canal, which takes you along well-developed cycle paths Berlin Spandau, where the eponymous citadel represents the history of Prussian militarism. The final highlight Your one-week cycle tour from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to Brandenburg is the capital of the federal state: Potsdam. With a Option to extend, which we will be happy to book for you if you have enough time get to know the pulsating state capital better!

Short tour in the Havel lake area

Our Short tour in Potsdam and the Havel lake area presents that breathtaking Havelland from a very unusual angle. As soon as you arrive in Potsdam, you will see why this city is a real highlight in north-eastern Germany. Impressive palace and parks Cecilienhof Palace and the New Palace characterize the townscape. Last but not least, this is what counts Sanssouci Palace particularly outstanding! The routes to the sights are all excellent connected to the cycle path network, allowing you to see all the highlights of the city easily reached by bike.

You can continue your journey by bike Cradle of the Mark Brandenburg. Follow the Havel to the southern bank of the river Trebelsee, to the city of Brandenburg. Look forward to the fantastic city backdrop. Especially a trip to Breitling or Plauer See offer relaxing moments by the water.

Pause bei Sonnenuntergang an der Havel
Break at sunset on the Havel

On your next stage, you cycle along the northern banks of the Havel and Trebelsee Heretic in the Blossom City Werder. Especially in spring you will experience why the city bears this nickname. During the fruit tree blossom takes place there every year around May 1st one of the largest folk festivals in Germany Blossom Festival Werder, instead of. Don't miss this spectacle before heading along the Schwielowsee drive back to Potsdam. Of course we can book one for you on request extended stay in Potsdam!

Additional services included - for a relaxed Havel bike tour

With our exclusive bike tours we offer you convenient additional services at no extra cost to make your stay as pleasant as possible. We take care of your physical, physical and mental well-being and ensure that you experience an unforgettable holiday.

Comfortable accommodation on the Havel

All hotels are clean and well-groomed and have one shower or bath. In all accommodation you will receive a rich breakfast. So you start the day well nourished and can look forward to your daily excursions.

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All hotels offer a rich breakfast.

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So that you can travel freely throughout the day, we transport your luggage from hotel to hotel. So you don't have to worry and enjoy the fantastically beautiful nature in all ease.

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Individual bike tour on the Havel

All bike tours are individual trips without a guide. So you have no stress and cycle the stages at your own pace. Take breaks according to your taste. This gives you the opportunity to stay longer in certain places and to stroll through the numerous towns. Enjoy your bike tour to the fullest!

Travel documents with tips for daily planning

In our extensive travel documents you will find detailed suggestions and tips for planning the day. Of course, you can also completely deviate from it and plan something of your own. The only important thing is that you arrive at your destination or your accommodation in the evening.

Sie erhalten umfangreiche Reiseunterlagen zu jeder gebuchten Reise.
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Of course you have the possibility Bicycles and e-bikes can be rented from us for a fee. In the event of a flat tire or other complications, we are always happy to help and advise you. You can reach us via our service hotline + 49 (0) 3831 30676-0.

Reifenpanne mit unseren geliehen Fahrrädern? Wir helfen Ihnen gerne weiter!
Flat tire with our borrowed bikes? We're here to help!

Bike tours along the Havel for young and old

The Havelradweg is predominantly asphalted and of first class quality. So you don't have to be a seasoned professional cyclist to beautiful landscapes and cities worth seeing to explore along the Havel. Our tours are ideal for big and small bike enthusiastsn. Just follow the dark blue, square signs with the one pictured orange bike. This way you always know that you are on the right course!

Since we your Make your vacation as relaxed as possible If you want, we can offer you a wide range Rental of bicycles and pedelecs Thecrucial advantage: You don't have to worry about your own bike when you arrive or leave!

Our extensive additional material for the Havel cycle path

So that you well equipped for your bike tour on the Havelradweg are, we provide you with extensive Travel information as well as a map of the region. Here's how to get it perfect overview about your upcoming stages. Also, see our detailed distance table, how long you need approximately for the individual routes. There they are estimated times rounded and refer to one Average speed of 15 kilometers per hour.


Cities and towns along your cycle tour along the Havel

Ahlbeck, Ankershagen, Bansin, Berlin(-Spandau), Brandenburg an der Havel, Fürstenberg, Gnevsdorf, Havelberg, Heringsdorf, Ketzin, island Usedom, Nauen, Neubrandenburg, Neuglobsow, Neustrelitz, Oranienburg, Potsdam, Prignitz, Pritzwalk, Rathenow, Ribbeck, Röbel, Rühstädt, city Usedom, Ueckermuende, Waren, Werder, Zehdenick


grüne Karte des Havelradwegs von Waren über Berlin, Potsdam und Havelberg

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All tours on the Havel cycle path

Brandenburger Tor in der Hauptstadt Brandenburgs in Potsdam
From €799

Through the Mark Brandenburg

Theodor Fontane wandered through his Brandenburg homeland in the 19th century. Follow his tracks through the Mark Brandenburg by bike. You will experience the natural course of the Havel, cycle through the wide Havelland. In Potsdam and…

8 days
about 299 km
travel code
BR 01
4,6 / 5 stars

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Rathenow mit Blick auf die Kirche und den Fluss
From €1.499

Havel cycle path with Prignitz (13 days)

This cycle tour starts in Waren (Müritz), leads to the source of the Havel and follows the course of the Havel through the Mecklenburg Lake District to Berlin and Potsdam. Continue through the Havel lake area to Brandenburg and through the West Havelland nature park to…

13 days
about 608 km
travel code
BR 02
4,5 / 5 stars

Logo: Unsere Top Radreise
From €689

From Berlin to the Baltic Sea beach

From the capital to the Baltic Sea in six stages, this cycle tour leads through the lake district to Neustrelitz and Neubrandenburg and on to the Szczecin Lagoon to Ueckermünde and via Anklam to the island Usedom to Heringsdorf. Here you can…

7 days
about 302 km
travel code
BER 03

Logo: Unsere Top Radreise
From €479

Brandenburg an der Havel - star tours Havel

If you want to explore the Havel from a quarter in the middle of Brandenburg, the small town with demssame name exactly right. The town has charm and what could be nicer, the river and many lakes provide an ideal backdrop for beautiful…

6 days
approx. 204 - 252 km
travel code
4,5 / 5 stars

Logo: Unsere Top Radreise
From €699

Havel bike path Waren - Potsdam (7 days)

This cycle tour starts in Waren (Müritz), leads to the source of the Havel and follows the course of the Havel through the Mecklenburg Lake District to Berlin and Potsdam. Continue through the Havel lake area to Brandenburg and through the West Havelland nature park to…

7 days
about 264 km
travel code
BR 021
4,3 / 5 stars

Die Glienicker Brücke über die Havel zwischen Berlin und Potsdam verbindet im Verlauf der Bundesstraße 1 die Königstraße (Berlin-Wannsee) mit der Berliner Straße in der Berliner Vorstadt von Potsdam.
From €339

Short tour Potsdam & Havel lake area

Join us on a little adventure tour. Once planned as a garrison town, Potsdam has developed over the centuries into a baroque residence town.

4 days
about 112 km
travel code
4,8 / 5 stars

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