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Bike tours on the Havel bike path ☀️

Map of the Havel cycle path
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Cycling holiday along the beautiful Havel

The Havel cycle path is one of the most beautiful river cycle paths in Germany. Get on the saddle and cycle on well-signposted paths from the source of the Havel through the Mecklenburg Lake District, the Ruppiner Seenland and of course the Havelland. Highlights along the way are not only the bustling capital of Berlin and Brandenburg's UNESCO World Heritage city of Potsdam, but also plenty of natural oases: have you ever heard of the dreamlike flower city of Werder, for example?

  • Length around 370 kilometers
  • enjoyable cycling with little difference in altitude
  • perfect mixture of city experience and nature discovery
  • four states at once
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Popular cycle tours on the Havel cycle path

Cycling holidays on the Havel Cycle Path - it's all in the mix!

Cultural sights worth seeing in the residential city of Neustrelitz, rustling forests in the Ruppiner Seenland and lots of wildly romantic lakes in the Mecklenburg Lake District accompany cyclists on a cycle tour on the Havel Cycle Path, which only opened in 2009. Not to forget the Havel itself, which meanders 334 kilometers from Ankershagen am Mühlensee to Rühstädt on the Elbe.

The fact that the Havel cycle path, at exactly 371 kilometers, is a lot longer than the river speaks for itself. The Müritz National Park is too beautiful, where cyclists are sometimes accompanied by eagles for a few meters. Worth seeing is the Wasserstadt Fürstenberg, which is surrounded by several arms of the Havel on three islands and consists of more than 50 percent water. The Havel estuary is too tranquil, where places like the idyllic fishing village of Warnau, old post mills and recreational paths promise ideal resting places for cyclists.

Get to know the typical facets of nature in the four federal states of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Brandenburg, Berlin and Saxony-Anhalt and pass exciting sights that invite you to explore and discover. It doesn't matter whether you're on a trekking bike or comfortably on an e-bike: the route of the Havelradweg offers many special experiences for both beginners and experienced pedalists.

Well guided on the Havel cycle path

Thanks comprehensive route material of the Mecklenburger Radtour, which includes a detailed map of the Havel cycle path, cyclists will always find the right way. In addition, with the excellent signposts along the way, a procedure is almost impossible. The popular cycle path is marked with a dark blue, square sign showing an orange bicycle, a light blue wavy band and the white inscription "HavelRADWEG".

The Havel cycle path goes through the following cities: Ankershagen, Fürstenberg/Havel, Oranienburg, Spandau, Potsdam, Brandenburg an der Havel, Rathenow, Gnevsdorf.

The Havel touches in its course: Mecklenburg Lake District, Havelland, Uckermark, Ruppiner Seenland, Berlin, Potsdam

The Havel Cycle Path connects directly to the following cycle paths: Lake Cycle Path, Elbe Cycle Path, Berlin Wall Cycle Path, Berlin-Copenhagen Cycle Path

Die Mecklenburger Radtour offers five tours along the Havel Cycle Path. Short tours, one-week bike tours and 14-day bike adventures can be booked.

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Havel Cycle Path: The eleven most popular places for cyclists

A cycling holiday on the Havel Cycle Path is varied and full of exciting experiences with excursions to numerous sights. We have summarized the most beautiful highlights in the Havel region for cyclists:

1. Ankershagen

It wasn't that long ago that the Havel rose near Ankershagen on the eastern edge of the Müritz National Park - at least symbolically. In 2007, the starting point of the Havel was officially fixed here. The Havel Cycle Path begins where the wildly beautiful river is initially a small stream.

But the place itself also tempts you to visit. Did you know that the famous archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann spent his childhood years in Ankershagen? company

made a detour by bike to the old rectory, very close to the source of the Havel, where he grew up. Here is this today Schliemann Museum housed, which also houses a replica of the "Trojan Horse". Predicate: worth seeing!

2. Neustrelitz

The former residence of the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz is the first major highlight of a cycle tour on the Havel Cycle Path. Along the Havel, it goes across the Wesenberger Seenkreuz into the city center of Neustrelitz, where you can take a bike tour with the Mecklenburger Radtour always stay overnight. Rightly so, with so many sights that the charming small town with historical flair has to offer:

Stroll over the evening Marketplace, which draws attention to itself with illuminated water features. Before that, a visit to the town hall and the town church should be on the agenda. Both impressive buildings make up the main part of the baroque ensembles of the city and are framed by lots of classicist and Art Nouveau buildings worth seeing.

How good that you are in town by bike! So you can easily visit the nearby City Church of Neustrelitz and from the 45 meter high peak you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the city. From this striking vantage point you can even spot the Zierker See, which you can later experience from the saddle on the Havel cycle tour and which already makes you look forward to the next stage.

3. Furstenberg/Havel

Fürstenberg is located in the middle of an extensive forest and lake area directly on the Havel cycle path and is the only water town in Germany. The region around Fürstenberg, which you cross on the Havel Cycle Path, is known for its bathing lakes, which score with an exceptionally high water quality.

One of the most impressive buildings in Fürstenberg is the town church, which towers over the city as a yellow brick building in neo-Byzantine style and can be visited. Immediately next to Fürstenberg is the memorial siteRavensbrueck, which is intended to commemorate the largest women's concentration camp in German history. The old facilities and various exhibitions can still be visited today as part of a Havel bike tour.

4. Zehdenick

Zehdenick is located about 30 kilometers south of Fürstenberg on the route of the Havel cycle path. The place wouldn't be worth mentioning if it weren't for the Brickyard Park Mildenbergthe largest brick museum in Europe would be waiting for you. The old industrial monument in the heart of the Zehdenicker Tonstichlandschaft used to be a production site for bricks, with which entire districts in Berlin - such as Prenzlauer Berg and Berlin-Mitte - were built.

Bricks were made here until 1991, before production came to a standstill. Today, the 40-acre monument is a significant one cultural and industrial site, which is open to visitors in the summer season with many outdoor activities and exhibitions. For children in particular, trips on a historic brick railway and on a clay wagon railway through the idyllic Uckermark Lakes Nature Park are absolute musts. 

5. Oranienburg

Through the upper Havel lowland it goes along the Havel through a forest area to Oranienburg. In the city, which is named after the Elector of Brandenburg and Princess Henriette of Orange-Nassau, this belongs Oranienburg Palace to the most beautiful sights. The oldest baroque castle in the Mark Brandenburg now shows various exhibitions, such as the exhibition of the Prussian Castles and Gardens Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg with numerous paintings, Prussia's silver treasures and the famous porcelain cabinet.

Just outside of Oranienburg and a bit further along the Havel Cycle Path is the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial. Permanent exhibitions are shown in the former camp buildings and the remains of buildings, which vividly show the lives of those who were once imprisoned and report on the history of the concentration camp.

About five kilometers west of Oranienburg is the Animal and leisure park Germendorf worth a visit - especially for cycling families with children. Discover exotic and native animal species in outdoor enclosures, the dinosaur park with life-size prehistoric models and playgrounds for adventurous climbers during a Havel bike tour.


A different kind of big city feeling: anyone who is out and about on the Havel Cycle Path will get a very special view of the pulsating capital. It's not so much the pubs, department stores and art galleries that you stroll along the Havel, but rather beautiful ones green stripes, peppered with one or the other idyllic city café that has chosen the western outskirts as a place to be.

The first foothills of the green urban jungle can be reached via quiet, well-developed cycle paths close to the banks in Berlin-Spandau. After a mandatory visit to the Spandau citadel, which is one of the best-preserved High Renaissance fortresses in all of Europe, it goes through the Grunewald to the Wannsee. A short refreshment lures you in Berlin's bathtub before you pack your bags and saddle up your bike.  

Those who don't shy away from the hustle and bustle can, of course, take a side trip to Berlin's city center without any problems. Drive a few meters along the wall cycle path or target it Alexanderplatz on. Here you can discover the legendary television tower and the world clock. A visit to the surrounding cafés is worthwhile to get to know the delicacies of Berlin.


The measured values can be transferred to a PC via the Glienicke Bridge cyclists can reach the beautiful on the Havelradweg Potsdam with its unique castle and park landscape. That is the best known Sanssouci Palace, also known as the Prussian Versailles and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990. It is not for nothing that Sanssouci Palace is the most visited attraction in Potsdam. The former pleasure palace of Frederick the Great is located on the famous vineyard terraces. The interior furnishings that have been preserved allow you to immerse yourself in the world of the 18th century.

But not only the castles and park landscape in Potsdam is worth seeing for cyclists, also the Downtown is worth a trip. During a walk through the old town, active vacationers experience the historical center of Potsdam, the city canal, the new market and the old market with the Nikolaikirche, town hall and the Brandenburg state parliament. It's particularly idyllic Dutch quarters of Potsdam, which can be discovered during the Havel cycle tour. Here are 134 brick houses in the Dutch style and today house many small cafes, restaurants and craft shops that invite you to stroll.

8. Werder

A stop in the flower city of Werder is particularly worthwhile on a cycling holiday in spring. At the time when the fruit trees are in blossom, one of the largest folk festivals in Germany takes place here every year, the traditional Werder Tree Blossom Festival (usually around May 1st).

In addition to the entertainment offerings, the focus of the festival is on the orchards near the Havel cycle path in the Werder area. Here you can taste homemade fruit wines and try other delicacies from the farmers. Incidentally, the Prussian horticultural virtuoso and urban planner Peter Joseph Lenné also left his mark in Werder. Take a look at the beautiful castle park!

9. Brandenburg on the Havel

Like the other cities on the Havel, Brandenburg is located in the middle of a forest and water landscape and is crossed by many arms of the river. The town on the Havel Cycle Path has a total of three historic town centers that together form a special architectural ensemble. Two of these city centres, the cathedral island and the new town, are on islands in the river, while the old town is on the banks of the Havel. The thousand-year-old city of Brandenburg can be best explored on a leisurely city tour, which is also offered with expert guidance from the local tourist information office. 

In the Archaeological State Museum in Brandenburg you can marvel at the gold treasure from Fürstenberg, which was recovered during construction work in Fürstenberg an der Havel and was extensively restored for the exhibition.

Tip: Be sure to keep an eye on nature in and around Brandenburg an der Havel. It doesn't take much luck to spot kingfishers, storks or beavers at work. Especially around the banks of the Havel and the adjacent lakes, which mark the gateway to Europe's largest water sports area, nature experiences in a class of their own await.

10. Rathenow

You don't have to be a flower lover and certainly not have a green thumb to use the Flower-lined Havel town of Rathenow to close in his heart. The remains of the BUGA 2015 are still a real feast for the eyes today. At that time, it was the Federal Horticultural Show that was organized in a decentralized manner in Germany for the first time. A special remnant of the open-air exhibition is the Vineyard Bridge, which since then has not only bridged the Havel with two elegantly curved arches, but also the “Hellers Loch” water body. You can get a good overview from Bismarck Tower on the Rathenower Weinberg, which was built in June 1914 in honor of the former Chancellor Otto Fürst von Bismarck and is now one of the city's landmarks as a lookout tower.

Rathenow is particularly well-known for its optics industry. In the former Rathenow Optical Works, eyeglass lenses were manufactured on a large scale during the GDR era. Today he has optics park replaced the production lines - and thus brought exciting experiences for young and old explorers to the city. The self-proclaimed "natural filling station in the city" invites you to stroll, to idyllic raft trips and top-class events. The park is open every year from April to October - so perfect for the upcoming bike trip!

11. Havelberg

Already the way on the Havelradweg to Havelberg is a real treat. The city's cathedral and parts of the old town can be seen from afar - they are located on an island in the middle of the Havel. In recent years, the small town has blossomed into a real Mecca for cycling holidaymakers, after all, all of them meet here six (long-distance) cycle paths on each other.

Leave the bike for a moment and explore from St. Mary's Cathedral from the city surrounded by greenery, which has a long history as a former bishopric. When you look into it House of Rivers learn everything about river landscapes in an exciting and vivid exhibition - and of course about the Havel. Also a magnet for visitors: the Havelberg horse market, which is one of the largest in Europe. Several thousand horse dealers, showmen and visitors are always drawn to the charming city on the first weekend in September. They also?

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Comfortable accommodation on the Havel

All hotels are clean and well-groomed and have one shower or bath. In all accommodation you will receive a rich breakfast. So you start the day well nourished and can look forward to your daily excursions.

All hotels offer a rich breakfast.
All hotels offer a rich breakfast.

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We transport your luggage from hotel to hotel every day.

Individual bike tour on the Havel

All bike tours are individual trips without a guide. So you have no stress and cycle the stages at your own pace. Take breaks according to your taste. This gives you the opportunity to stay longer in certain places and to stroll through the numerous towns. Enjoy your bike tour to the fullest!

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You will receive comprehensive travel documents for every trip booked.
You will receive comprehensive travel documents for every trip booked.

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Flat tire with our borrowed bikes? We're here to help!
Flat tire with our borrowed bikes? We're here to help!

Quality and profile of the Havelradweg

The Havel cycle path is mostly paved and of first-class quality. A consistently excellent signage (square, dark blue sign) and its balanced elevation profile make the cycle path perfect for cycle tour beginners. Larger slopes are hard to find. The Havel Cycle Path runs over large parts together with the Berlin-Copenhagen Cycle Path. The cycle tourism infrastructure is correspondingly good. Cycle tour professionals have the opportunity to vary the route in some places and, for example, to cross the Wannsee by ferry.

Tip: Never miss a turn again with GPS data on your cell phone! Die Mecklenburger Radtour provides its guests with free GPX material for easy navigation.

Stages of the Havel Cycle Path

Different stages can be planned on the Havel cycle path. The most popular is the division into six sections

  1. Stage: Ankershagen - Fürstenberg/Havel (73 kilometers)
  2. Stage: Fürstenberg/Havel – Oranienburg (75 kilometers)
  3. Stage: Oranienburg – Potsdam (66 kilometers)
  4. Stage: Potsdam – Brandenburg an der Havel (58 kilometers)
  5. Stage: Brandenburg an der Havel – Rathenow (55 kilometers)
  6. Stage: Rathenow - Havelberg/Gnevsdorf/Wittenberge (50-75 kilometers)

Die Mecklenburger Radtour also offers cycle tours on the Havelradweg, which are already in Waren (Müritz) begin or as tourâ € ‹â €‹ â € ‹â €‹ â € ‹â €‹ â € ‹ are designed. Let yourself be inspired:

All Havel tours

Havel cycle path for the whole family

You don't have to be a seasoned professional cyclist to get your money's worth on the Havel Cycle Path. Even small pedalists can experience fun and variety thanks to the level elevation profile and lots of adventure along the way. How about a visit to the optics park in Rathenow, for example? Or with an early autumn apple harvest around the blossom city of Werder? The lynchpin for the young generation is and will of course remain the metropolitan region of Berlin, which certainly compensates for one or the other effort with its scene life.

Havel cycle path map & distance table

In our Map of the Havelradweg gives you a good overview of the individual stages.

For detailed distances take a look at our Havel cycle path distance table.

The starting point of the Havel Cycle Path is the municipality of Ankershagen in the Mecklenburg Lake District district in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. At Mühlensee you are at the source of the water and the Havel cycle path begins. The first stage of the Havel cycle path leads along numerous lakes, the untouched nature invites you to take a deep breath. Countless birds use the reed-covered banks to nest. The first larger town is reached with Fürstenberg/Havel, the town church is already visible from afar.

The Havel cycle path also leads past the remains of the Himmelpfort monastery, which dates back to 1299. You follow the path through dense forests and reach the Hastbrücke in Zehdenick, a double bascule bridge over the Havel. The following section is also called the "rapid Havel" because it is not navigable by ships and joins the Oder-Havel Canal after a few kilometers. Cyclists have to do without the Havel for a short distance until you pass Hennigsdorf and the Havel Canal.

Along the oldest settlement area in Berlin, Spandau, which, in addition to an old city wall from the 14th century, also has picturesque half-timbered houses, you continue into the Havelland originality. A mild climate has promoted the development of a fruit-growing area, which reveals a beautiful backdrop for cyclists, especially around the city of Werder. The course of the Havel is gradually narrowing in West Havelland and is already preparing for the small and pretty villages not far from where the Havel flows into the Elbe. On well-developed paths, you will roam old post mills, lock canals and a wonderful rest area near Gnevsdorf. Use it before your cycling holiday slowly but surely comes to an end

Green map of the Havel cycle path from Waren via Berlin, Potsdam and Havelberg

All tours on the Havel cycle path

Brandenburg Gate in the capital of Brandenburg in Potsdam
From €689

Through the Mark Brandenburg

Theodor Fontane wandered through his Brandenburg homeland in the 19th century. Follow his tracks through the Mark Brandenburg by bike. You will experience the natural course of the Havel, cycle through the wide Havelland. In Potsdam and…

8 days
about 299 km
travel code
BR 01
4,6 / 5 stars

Logo: Our top cycle tour
Rathenow overlooking the church and the river
From €1.299

Havel cycle path with Prignitz (13 days)

This cycle tour starts in Waren (Müritz), leads to the source of the Havel and follows the course of the Havel through the Mecklenburg Lake District to Berlin and Potsdam. Continue through the Havel lake area to Brandenburg and through the West Havelland nature park to…

13 days
approx. 599 - 608 km
travel code
BR 02
4,6 / 5 stars

Logo: Our top cycle tour
From €689

From Berlin to the Baltic Sea beach

From the capital to the Baltic Sea in six stages, this cycle tour leads through the lake district to Neustrelitz and Neubrandenburg and on to the Szczecin Lagoon to Ueckermünde and via Anklam to the island of Usedom to Heringsdorf. Here you can…

7 days
approx. 210 - 250 km
travel code
BER 03

Logo: Our top cycle tour
From €459

Brandenburg an der Havel - star tours Havel

If you want to explore the Havel from a quarter in the middle of Brandenburg, the small town of the same name is the right place for you. The town has charm and what could be nicer, the river and many lakes provide an ideal backdrop for beautiful…

6 days
about 186 km
travel code
4,5 / 5 stars

Logo: Our top cycle tour
From €639

Havelradweg Waren - Potsdam (7 days)

This cycle tour starts in Waren (Müritz), leads to the source of the Havel and follows the course of the Havel through the Mecklenburg Lake District to Berlin and Potsdam. Continue through the Havel lake area to Brandenburg and through the West Havelland nature park to…

7 days
about 264 km
travel code
BR 021
4,3 / 5 stars

The Glienicker Bridge over the Havel between Berlin and Potsdam connects the Königstrasse (Berlin-Wannsee) with the Berliner Strasse in the Berlin suburbs of Potsdam in the course of the federal highway 1.
From €299

Short tour Potsdam & Havel lake area

Join us on a little adventure tour. Once planned as a garrison town, Potsdam has developed over the centuries into a baroque residence town.

4 days
approx. 63 - 119 km
travel code
4,5 / 5 stars

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