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hiking tours

Hiker sits in a rocky landscape on the coast
Hikers in the mountains
Two hikers on a path along a lake

Experience nature on foot

Being on foot has a special fascination and a high experience value. And not just since the travel descriptions of a German entertainer of his hike on the Way of St. James.
Hiking experiences often lie in the small things, in the details that the path, the landscape or the people create.
Hiking means having time. Hiking is slow motion. Everything that can be experienced is reduced to the pace of one's own steps and also the pauses, lying in the grass, sitting and resting. Hiking and exercise clear your head. This type of vacation is an interesting alternative to ours Cycle Tours.

Come with me on the way.

Four hikers walk along the cliffs on the beach

Discover the coast of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania with the islands Rügen & Usedom and the Fischland-Darss peninsula. If you can't decide on an island or peninsula, you can simply do our star hike Stralsund.

Two hikers go up a mountain in the background a lighthouse

A selection of our hikes takes you through the Mecklenburg Lake District in 2 variants. It gets mountainous in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.

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