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Bike tours on the Main bike path ☀️

Map of the Main Cycle Route
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Cycle tours on the Main

The Main Cycle Path will enchant you. Experience the Franconian wine country and cities worth seeing such as Bamberg, Würzburg, Miltenberg and Ochsenfurt.

  • 600 km of excellent quality cycle paths await you
  • Baroque cities like Bamberg and Würzburg
  • Bamberger Reiter and Würzburg Residence
  • Franconian cuisine from the beer garden to the Main Franconian wine bar
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Exciting bike tours on the Main Cycle Path

Information on the Main Cycle Path

The Main impresses with its large loops and its varied landscape. It makes its way through the beautiful Franconian wine country and slowly meanders behind Würzburg towards the dark green forests of the Spessart. Vierorts' palaces, castles and artistically furnished churches tell of a long, eventful history. 

Cities on the Main such as Bamberg and Würzburg with their UNSESO World Heritage Sites, the half-timbered Miltenberg or the defiant Ochsenfurt are of unmistakable charm, to name just a few.

Old Town Hall in Bamberg in Bavaria on the Main

Pedal along almost 600 kilometers of cycle paths and take in the diverse impressions of the whole
different travel landscapes on their journey. The rural idyllic Franconian Switzerland, the
romantically wild Fichtelgebirge and the dreamy Franconian Forest, the varied Steigerwald, as well
the lovely Haßberge and the Franconian wine country spoiled by the sun, the beautiful Tauber valley, the
legendary forest areas in the Spessart-Mainland and the culturally diverse Untermain want to
be discovered on this tour.

Through Franconian Switzerland, the Fichtelgebirge, the Franconian Forest, the Steigerwald, the Haßberge, the
Franconian wine country, the Tauber Valley, the Spessart-Mainland region and the Untermain region.

Bayreuth, Kulmbach, Lichtenfels, Bamberg, Hassfurt, Schweinfurt, Kitzingen, Würzburg, Karlsstadt, Wertheim,
Miltenberg, Aschaffenburg.

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  • Everything in Bayreuth about Richhard Wagner
  • Kulmbach – one thinks of beer
  • Bamberg - old town, beer taverns and the Bamberg Cathedral
  • Würzburg Tillmann Riemenschneider Altar, Residence, Old Town
  • Württemberg's Wertheim with its half-timbered houses
  • Wine, wine bars and the vineyards along the way

Additional services included - for a relaxed Main bike tour

With our exclusive bike tours we offer you convenient additional services at no extra cost to make your stay as pleasant as possible. We take care of your physical, physical and mental well-being and ensure that you experience an unforgettable holiday.

Comfortable accommodation on the Main Cycle Path

All hotels are clean and well-groomed and have one shower or bath. In all accommodation you will receive a rich breakfast. So you start the day well nourished and can look forward to your daily excursions.

All hotels offer a rich breakfast.
All hotels offer a rich breakfast.

Luggage transfer from hotel to hotel

So that you can travel freely throughout the day, we transport your luggage from hotel to hotel. So you don't have to worry and enjoy the fantastically beautiful nature in all ease.

We transport your luggage from hotel to hotel every day.
We transport your luggage from hotel to hotel every day.

Individual cycle tour along the Main Cycle Path

All bike tours are individual trips without a guide. So you have no stress and cycle the stages at your own pace. Take breaks according to your taste. This gives you the opportunity to stay longer in certain places and to stroll through the numerous towns. Enjoy your bike tour to the fullest!

Marienberg Castle in Würzburg am Main bike path

Travel documents with tips for daily planning

In our extensive travel documents you will find detailed suggestions and tips for planning the day. Of course, you can also completely deviate from it and plan something of your own. The only important thing is that you arrive at your destination or your accommodation in the evening.

You will receive comprehensive travel documents for every trip booked.
You will receive comprehensive travel documents for every trip booked.

Rent bikes and on the spot in case of breakdown

Of course you have the possibility Bicycles and e-bikes can be rented from us for a fee. In the event of a flat tire or other complications, we are always happy to help and advise you. You can reach us via our service hotline + 49 (0) 3831 30676-0.

Flat tire with our borrowed bikes? We're here to help!
Flat tire with our borrowed bikes? We're here to help!

In 2008, the Main-Fernradweg was the first cycle path to be awarded the 5-star quality cycle route rating by the ADFC. The Main Cycle Path has exemplary signage, an excellent route and numerous bike-friendly restaurants. 90% of the cycle path leads through natural sections and 90% is paved. The cycle path is over 77% wider than 2,50 meters and thus promises cycling pleasure, even in larger groups. The Main Cycle Path runs largely on car-free paved paths and leads cyclists through mostly flat terrain. Therefore, the Main long-distance cycle path is also ideal for a cycling holiday with children.

Culinary delicacies on an excellent bike route

But Franconia also has a lot to offer in culinary terms: rustic beer gardens and Franconian wine taverns
spoil the palate of the cyclists on these bike tours. A Mainradtour is with its winding
Because along the river always a pleasure. The Franconian landscapes with numerous natural beauties
encourage dreaming.
The Main Cycle Path was the first route to be designated a "Quality Cycle Route with
five stars". This promises that a cycle tour on the Main Cycle Path is a cycle tour with
maximum cycling pleasure and fun. On our Main bike tour Bamberg-Aschaffenburg you cycle through
romantic villages, wide vineyards and green Main meadows. This bike tour promises a bike tour of the
romantic way to become. At the beginning you visit the unique flair of the imperial city of Bamberg and
will explore other cities worth seeing in the course of the cycle tour. The Mainradtour also offers
Miltenberg and the numerous half-timbered facades are an additional eye-catcher. In Aschaffenburg you can
visit numerous castles, parks and museums and enjoy the hospitable atmosphere of the city.
But our other Main bike tours also have a lot to offer.


The Road of Emperors and Kings

Take advantage of that Map of the Main Cycle Routeto get a first insight and overview of the length of the route sections.

The Main long-distance cycle path is 600 kilometers long and runs through Franconia and Hesse. You start your cycle tour on the Main Cycle Path at the source of the White Main at the Ochsenkopf near Bischofsgrün. After 50km, the headwaters of the Red and White Mains unite at Kulmbach to form the Main. It continues via Bamberg, Schweinfurt, Würzburg, Aschaffenburg, Offenbach and Frankfurt to the Rhine in the city and final destination of Mainz. The Main is characterized by its large loops and its varied landscapes. It makes its way from the Franconian wine country and meanders behind Würzburg to the dark forests of the Spessart.


Map of the Main Cycle Route

All bike tours on the Main

From €649

Main Cycle Path Bayreuth-Würzburg

Look forward to this special cycle tour that leads along the Main. You start on the still very small red Main in the famous festival city of Bayreuth. The waters of the second…

7 days
about 266 km
travel code
May 09
4,5 / 5 stars

Logo: Our top cycle tour
Johannisburg Castle in Aschaffenburg am Main bike path
From €849

Main Cycle Route Schweinfurt-Aschaffenburg Winegrowers' Tour

From Schweinfurt to Aschaffenburg you will discover the most beautiful section of the Main Cycle Path. You will get to know the many facets of the famous Franconian wine - the vinotheques that you will visit offer an impressive stage...

8 days
about 256 km
travel code
May 08
4,8 / 5 stars

Logo: Our top cycle tour
View across a river to a mountainous residential area
From €729

Main cycle path Bamberg-Aschaffenburg

The Main winds its way through the varied landscape of Franconia in large loops. It makes its way through the Franconian wine country and slowly meanders behind Würzburg towards the dark green forests of the Spessart. Of…

8 days
about 319 km
travel code
May 01
4,5 / 5 stars

Logo: Our top cycle tour
Old town photo of Mainz am Rhein
From €1.090

Riesling route

Discover the wine regions of Rheingau, Nahe, Rheinhessen and the Palatinate. You drive through idyllic landscapes from one wine region to the next. A pleasure trip that is characterized by historical and cultural highlights. Discover…

8 days
approx. 348 - 415 km
travel code
RIE 01

From €499

Main cycle path Bamberg-Würzburg

This short tour offers you the opportunity to explore the beautiful river landscape of the Main in just a few days. The Main Cycle Path takes you from the brewery town of Bamberg via the sunny Franconian wine country to Würzburg with the famous…

5 days
about 158 km
travel code
May 02
2,5 / 5 stars

Panoramic photo of Johannisburg Castle in Aschaffenburg am Main

Bike & boat: Bamberg to Aschaffenburg

Historic old towns, attractive castles and magnificent churches lure visitors from place to place in Franconia. Cities surrounded by forest and partly surrounded by towers and masonry present themselves like in a fairy tale. And every single place invites you too…

8 days
about 250 km
travel code
May 41

View of a bridge over the Main with half-timbered houses
From €489

Sterntouren Main Bamberg

Discover Bamberg (UNESCO World Heritage Site) on a highly interesting city tour by bike and explore the region with such beautiful destinations as the diverse Regnitz Valley, Seehof Castle and Coburg with its famous Veste.…

6 days
about 210 km
travel code

View of the old town hall of Bamberg am Main
From €629

Main Cycle Path Bamberg-Aschaffenburg (sporty)

The Main is magnificent and moving, the surrounding landscape is picturesque and magical. So it's no wonder if you get excited. However, this Main cycling trip is not as harmless as it seems. The challenge lies in the sometimes…

7 days
about 315 km
travel code
May 10

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