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Mecklenburg Lake District distance table

When planning your next bike tour in the Mecklenburg Lake District/ Müritz region, the distances between the cities are relevant. This makes it easier for you to estimate how long you need or whether a longer rest or overnight stay is necessary.

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Mecklenburger Seenradweg Karte
Distances in the Lake District (larger cities)
HomeObjectiveRemovalEstimated time
Warenmalchow25 kmabout 2 hours
Warenrobel23 kmabout 1,5 hours
malchowrobel19,5 kmabout 1,5 hours
Waren Plau at the lake41,5 kmabout 3 hours
Waren Cracow am See39 kmabout 3 hours
Plau at the lakeCracow am See22 kmabout 1,5 hours
Waren Klink8 kmabout 0,5 hours
Klinkrobel15 kmabout 1 hours
Klinkmalchow17 kmabout 1,5 hours
Warenmalchin33 kmabout 2,5 hours
WarenFruit38 kmabout 3 hours
WarenNeustrelitz41 kmabout 3,5 hours
FruitNeustrelitz25 kmabout 2 hours
Neustrelitzessence mountain15 kmabout 1,5 hours
NeustrelitzFeldberg31 kmabout 2,5 hours
essence mountainFeldberg36 kmabout 3,5 hours
NeustrelitzNeubrandenburg30 kmabout 2,5 hours
WarenNeubrandenburg30 kmabout 4 hours

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