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Discover the Moselcycle path: paradise for bicycle enthusiasts! ☀️

The most important information about Moselcycle path at a glance

  • Length: the German part is around 310 kilometers long - the Mosel-The cycle path in total (via Germany, France and Luxembourg) is approximately 544 kilometers long
  • Number of stages: The German part is usually divided into 10 stages, during which Mosel-The cycle path consists of around 18 stages in total
  • Difficulty: light
  • Quality: very well 
  • Signage: Signposted throughout, usually with the following Mosel-cycle path logo
Mosel Radweg Karte
Route of the Moselcycle path
Moselradweg Radwegsymbol
Moselcycle path cycle path symbol
  • Topography/road conditions: Mostly asphalted, poorer surfaces are also possible in nature reserves
  • Altitude/altitude profile: in Germany: approximately 1300 meters uphill and 1300 meters downhill; more complete Mosel-Cycle path: approximately 2000 meters uphill and 2700 meters downhill
  • Most beautiful section: From our point of view, the most beautiful section of the... Mosel-Cycle path between Traben-Trarbach and Bernkastel-Kues: The route leads through narrow river loops and offers breathtaking views of vineyards and characteristic half-timbered houses.
  • Where does the Elbe cycle path begin and end? The exact start and end points can vary depending on individual planning, but it usually runs Mosel-Cycle path as follows: The Mosel-Cycle route often starts in France, more specifically in the town of Thionville (Diedenhofen), which is close to the French-Luxembourg border. The river flows from Thionville Mosel to Germany.The Mosel-Cycle path ends in Koblenz, where the Mosel flows into the Rhine. Would you like the whole thing? Mosel The best place to cycle along is in Bussang in France. 
  • travel time: The best travel time for the Moselcycle path depends on personal preferences and activities. Here are some general recommendations:
    Spring (April to June): This time of year is particularly popular because the temperatures are pleasant, nature awakens and the vines begin to sprout. The landscape is green and fresh and the mild temperatures make cycling along the Mosel pleasant.
    Summer (July to August): Summer is the peak season for many tourists. The days are long and the region shines in all its glory. However, temperatures can be quite high, so it is advisable to bring enough water and protect yourself from the sun.
    Autumn (September to October): Autumn is another beautiful season for the MoselBike path. The vineyards are bathed in warm colors and it is time for the grape harvest. The temperatures are pleasant and there are fewer tourists than in summer.


Our most popular cycling tours

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Cycle through Germany's most famous wine-growing region

Take advantage of the German map of Mosel-cycle pathto get a first insight and overview of the length of the route sections.

The Mosel-The cycle path takes you mainly through the most beautiful rivers in Germany. The short cycle path, 311 kilometers long, flows through the state of Rhineland-Palatinate and through the Roman city of Trier. You can cycle on our 200 kilometer long route Mosel-Cycle tour to reach historical buildings of the first rank. Places like Bernkastel-Kues, Traben-Trarbach, Cochem, Neumagen-Dhron, the oldest wine village in Germany and Enkirch, a gem moselDutch half-timbered architecture. The bike tour begins in Trier and ends after 7 days in Braubach. You will pass towns and villages such as Trittenheim, Zeltingen, Zell, Karden and Koblenz on this fascinating cycle tour.

Enjoy the regional specialities mosellocal winegrowers in local restaurants.


Mosel Radweg Karte
Route of the Moselcycle path

distance table MoselBike path

When planning your next bike ride along the Mosel the distances between the cities are relevant. This makes it easier for you to estimate how long you will need or whether a longer rest or overnight stay will be necessary.


distances at the Mosel (bigger cities)
HomeObjectiveRemovalEstimated time
SortTrittheim31,0 kmapprox. 02:15 hours
TrittheimZeltingen/Rachtingen23,8kmapprox. 02:00 hours
Zeltingen/Rachtingencell29,9 kmapprox. 02:30 hours
cellTreis cards36,3 kmapprox. 03:00 hours
Treis cardsKoblenz37,1 kmapprox. 02:30 hours
Koblenzbraubbach12,8 kmapprox. 01:00 hours

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Cities & Sights

Wine, castles, half-timbering: A bike ride along the Mosel connects impressive sights the fascinating and varied Natural and cultural landscape. Mosel, whose Source in the Vosges is located, meanders picturesquely through the region and offers a idyllic backdrop for cyclists. The well-developed cycle path takes you through some of the most famous cities and towns in the country Moselregion, such as Trier, Cochem, Koblenz and the charming Bullay. In addition, you pass charming places like Piesport in the middle of the Moselschleifen, cross the picturesque Moselle region and experience it Beauty of the Eifel. The well-developed cycle paths along the river connect the centers of life and enable an unforgettable cycling holiday experience.

Metz: French flair on the Mosel

The charming city of Metz in Lorraine invites you to discover its historical treasures and their living culture to discover. Stroll through the picturesque streets of the old town and admire the magnificent Saint Etienne Cathedral with its impressive stained glass windows. Let yourself in Centre Pompidou-Metz Be inspired by modern art and then enjoy the French way of life in one of the many bistros or restaurants. Bienvenue in Metz!

View of the Ville de Metz near Metz on the Mosel

Luxembourg: a jewel in the heart of Europe

Luxembourg, the capital of the Grand Duchy, is a true treasure trove of history and culture. The old town, which is... World Heritage Site heard, offers breathtaking views of the deep gorges and the impressive fortress. Discover this magnificent Grand Ducal Palace and visit that Mudam, the museum of modern art. In the city's charming alleys and squares you will find numerous cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy international cuisine Luxembourg cuisine to be able to enjoy. Let yourself be enchanted by Luxembourg!

View of Luxembourg at sunset

Trier: Roman heritage and picturesque old town

Trier, the oldest city in Germany, enchants visitors with its rich Roman history and impressive architecture. Explore the mighty Roman city gate Porta Nigra, and visit the impressive Basilica of Constantinewho once the Roman emperor's palace auditorium was. Relax in one of the rustic wine bars and taste the excellent one Moselwine. Trier is the ideal place to immerse yourself in history and at the same time be picturesque Moselto enjoy!


The idyllic Moselvalley near Trier

Traben-Trarbach: Art Nouveau and wine idyll on the Mosel

Traben-Trarbach, the double city on the Mosel, is known for its magnificent Art Nouveau buildings and its picturesque location in the wine-growing region Mosel. Cycle through the charming streets and admire the magnificent villas and the bridge houses. Visit the underground wine cellar and taste them delicious Moselthe wee directly from the winemaker. Relax with one Shipping on the Mosel or explore the idyllic surroundings on hiking or cycling trails.

Moselshore with a view of Traben-Trarbach

Cochem: Romance and Fairytale Castle on the Mosel

Cochem, the picturesque town on the Mosel, enchants with her romantic old town and the imposing Reichsburg, which towers majestically over the city. Stroll through the winding streets and admire the colorful half-timbered houses. Enjoy a wine tasting in one of the many wine bars or explore the idyllic vineyards that surround Cochem. Take a boat trip on the Mosel or let it kidnap you.

View of the old town of Cochem

Treis-Karden: a dreamy gem in the Moseltal

The idyllic village of Treis-Karden, embedded in the picturesque Moselvalley, invites you to discover and linger. Like Cochem, the two districts of Treis and Karden enchant with their beauty historic half-timbered houses and winding streets. Visit the impressive Collegiate church of St. Castor in Karden and the Castle ruins in Treis, which bear witness to the eventful past of the place. Take a relaxing hike through the surrounding vineyards and enjoy breathtaking view of it Moseltal. Treis-Karden is the perfect place to experience peace and nature to the fullest!

The fairytale village of Treis-Karden during the autumn sunset.

Koblenz: A city where the Rhine and Mosel sich treffen

Koblenz, the historic city at the confluence of the Rhine and Mosel, combines history and modern lifestyle in a unique way. Visit this impressive Deutsche Eck, the city's landmark, and explore the mighty Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, which towers high above the Rhine. Stroll through the charming old town with its lovingly restored half-timbered houses and discover that Stolzenfels Castle on the banks of the Rhine. Fascinating sights and wonderful views of the romantic Rhine Valley and the picturesque river await you in Koblenz Moselregion!

View from the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress over the Rhine and Mosel and the city of Koblenz

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Be inspired by over 350 eventful cycle tours. Order your free cycle tour catalog conveniently at home. 
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How to reach us

The journey to Moselcycle route may vary depending on your starting point and your preferred travel method. Here are some general recommendations:

By car: If you are traveling by car, it is important to choose your desired starting point Moselto know the cycle path. The Mosel runs through Germany, France and Luxembourg and there are various access points. You can along the Mosel Find well-marked parking spaces. Popular starting points are, for example Trier, Koblenz or Bernkastel-Kues.

By train: Deutsche Bahn (DB) offers train connections to various cities along the Moselas Trier, Koblenz or Cochem. If you travel by train, you can often take your bike with you. However, check the regulations for bicycle transport beforehand.

Shortcut options and alternative routes

The MoselThe cycle path itself is a continuous route, but there are some options for shortcuts or alternative routes, depending on the needs and preferences of cyclists. Here are some points to consider:

  • Train connections: If you read certain sections of the MoselIf you want to skip the cycle path or only want to ride parts of the route, there are options Train connections along the Mosel at. You can take your bike on many trains and ride it to another point along the route.
  • Ferries: Along the Mosel there various ferry connections, which make it possible to move from one side of the river to the other and thus take shortcuts. This can be particularly useful if you only want to ride a specific section of the bike path.
  • Alternative routes: There is no official alternative route. But you can from Bernkastel-Kues on the MaareMosel-Continue cycling on the cycle path.

points of interest & sights

The Moselcycle path leads through a region with rich history, breathtaking nature and charming cities. Here are some sights along the Moselcycle path:

  • Porta Nigra in Trier: As the oldest city gate in Germany and World Heritage Site The Porta Nigra is an impressive Roman building.
  • Roman villa in Longuich: There is a well-preserved Roman villa near Longuich Mosaic floors, which gives an insight into Roman life in the region.
  • Bernkastel-Kues: This medieval city is famous for its well-preserved Old town with half-timbered houses and the picturesque market square. Landshut Castle towers over the city and offers a great view.
  • Reichsburg Cochem: The imposing Reichsburg Cochem rises majestically above the city of Cochem and the Mosel. Visiting the castle is not only historically interesting, but also offers one fantastic panoramic view on the surrounding landscape.
  • Moselloop at Bremm: The loop of the Mosel near Bremm offers one of the most spectacular views along the Moselcycle path. The Calmont via ferrata leads to a viewpoint overlooking the breathtaking loop.
  • Koblenz and the Deutsches Eck: Of the Moselcycle path often ends in Koblenz, where the Mosel flows into the Rhine. The Deutsches Eck, where the two rivers converge, is a striking symbol and a popular spot for tourists.
  • Vineyards and wine-growing villages: The entire region is characterized by vineyards. Numerous picturesque wine-growing villages offer the opportunity to taste local wines and enjoy the hospitable atmosphere.


Listening stations or listening points on Mosel-Bike path

Along the picturesque Moselcycle path offer listening stations, so-called listening points, a fascinating possibility rich history and culture of the region to experience. The strategically placed stations invite cyclists to pause and listen to interesting stories about the region. From the beginning of the Roman settlements to the legends of medieval castles along the Mosel The listening stations offer an acoustic insight into the multifaceted past this charming region. The stories, often told by local storytellers or historians, give the journey along the Moselcycle path an additional dimension and intensify it Connection between the breathtaking landscape and its cultural heritage

For an optimal experience, we recommend the Listening tour app Download it to your smartphone in advance. Select the tours "Listening points on Mosel-Cycle path" and you are well prepared. Even on the go You can use the app without internet reception. The app shows you the individual listening points along the route and you can listen to the exciting stories at any time. The listening tour app becomes your personal companion and opens the doors to the fascinating stories of the region.


Who is it for? Mosel-Cycle path suitable?

The Moselcycle path is suitable for a diverse group of people. Cyclists of all experience levels will find ideal conditions here the route is well developed and is mostly flat. Either Beginner as well as most experienced cyclists can enjoy the route equally. Nature lovers are surrounded by the picturesque landscape Mosel attracted. Steep vineyards, extensive forests and the majestic river itself characterize the surrounding area and offer a wealth of natural sights and viewpoints. For For those interested in history and culture, the region is a real treasure. From Roman remains to impressive medieval castles, there are numerous historical sites to discover along the cycle path that provide an insight into the rich past of the region grant. Wine enthusiasts come on the Moselcycle path also at your expense. The Mosel is known for its wine production, particularly the world-famous Riesling. Along the route, wine lovers can cycle through picturesque vineyards and visit local wineries to sample the delicious regional wines.

Is the Mosel-Bike path suitable for trailers?

Yes the Moselcycle path is generally suitable for trailers and is well suited for bicycle tours with trailers. The route is mostly flat and well developed, which makes it easier to travel with bicycle trailers. Many sections of the Moselcycle paths run on separate cycle paths away from busy roads, increasing safety for families and cyclists with trailers. However, it is important to note that the Suitability also depends on the type of bicycle trailer, On stable trailer with good suspension and tires is usually better suited to handling bumps in the road.

Where is the Moselbike path the most beautiful?

The beauty of Moselcycling path is subjective as it depends on personal preferences. However, we particularly appreciate the scenic sections along the Moselloops near Cochem and Traben-Trarbach.

In which direction are you driving? MoselBike path?

The MoselBike path can be driven in both directions, depending on personal preference. Some prefer the route from Trier to Koblenz, while others prefer the opposite direction.

how long is it Moselcycle path from Trier to Koblenz?

The route of the MoselThe cycle path from Trier to Koblenz is approximately 200 kilometers.

Can you at the Mosel good cycling?

Yes the Moselcycle path is considered one of the most popular cycle paths in Europe. The well-developed cycle paths along the Mosel offer a pleasant route for cyclists of all experience levels.

Is the Moselbike path flat?

The MoselThe cycle path is mostly flat and therefore also suitable for less experienced cyclists. However, there are some sections with slight inclines, especially near vineyards and castles.

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