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Discover the Oder-Neiße-Cycle path: a bicycle journey through history, nature and culture ☀️

The Oder-Neiße-Cycle path is one fascinating route by the picturesque landscape along the Oder and Neisse rivers in Germany and Poland. Here you will find everything you need to know about this impressive cycle path - from historical cities and cultural highlights to breathtaking natural landscapes. Immerse yourself with us in the diversity of this unique bike tour, which is not only characterized by impressive views, but also by the cross-border connection between two countries impresses. Look forward to history, nature and unforgettable experiences along the Oder-Neiße-cycle path. Start your journey now!

Important information
Maps of the Baltic Sea cycle path
Cities & Sights

The most important information about Oder-Neiße-Cycle path at a glance

  • Length: 640 km
  • Number of stages: 9 to 12 stages 
  • Difficulty: light 
  • Quality: Well to very well developed and signposted
  • Signage: marked with blue-green-white signs
Oder-Neisse Radweg Karte
Route of the Oder-Neiße-Bike path
Wheel sign of the Oder-Neiße-Bike path
  • Topography: mostly asphalted
  • Altitude: 1870 meters uphill and 2110 meters downhill
  • Most beautiful section: In our opinion, the section from Görlitz to Bad Muskau is the most beautiful. The well-preserved old town of Görlitz, the impressive Görlitz Old Town Bridge and the Fürst Pückler Park in Bad Muskau combine historical architecture with natural beauty.
  • Where does it begin and end? Oder-Neiße-Bike path? The cycle path begins in Saxony City of Zittau near the Czech border. From Zittau the path leads along the Neisse through various cities, through parts of Lusatia and other landscapes to Ueckermünde on the Baltic Sea.
  • Best travel time: Depending on your preference, the “best time to travel” varies:
    spring: At this time of year, nature blooms and the landscape along the cycle path turns green. The temperatures are usually mild and the cycle paths are less busy.
    Summer: This is the peak travel season because the days are long, warm and sunny. The summer months offer optimal conditions for cyclists, but things can also be a bit busier.
    Autumn: Since temperatures are often still mild, autumn is a pleasant season for cycling. The landscape is particularly beautiful due to the blaze of autumn colors.


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Route of the Oder-Neiße-cycle path

The Oder-Neiße-Cycle route map shows Germany's easternmost cycle route. It connects several countries, natural areas and landscapes over a length of approx. 550 km. The route is designed as a river cycle path along the Lausitzer Neisse and the Oder and mostly follows the German eastern border with Poland from Upper Lusatia to the Baltic Sea.

Like you on the Oder-Neiße-View cycle route map, route guidance is simple. Both shorter daily stages and longer sections are possible. Due to the level elevation profile, a bike tour is possible Oder-Neiße-Cycle path also ideal for families with children.

Oder-Neisse Radweg Karte
Route of the Oder-Neiße-Bike path

City of Zittau with a charming old town 

Zittau is a charming town in Saxony known for its... well-preserved old town is known. The Church of the Holy Cross Museum houses the impressive Zittau Lenten cloths, medieval works of art of national importance. The historical market place invites you to stroll, and the narrow streets convey a picturesque picture of times gone by.

points of interest & sights:

  • Museum Church of the Holy Cross with the Zittau Lenten cloths
  • Historic market place 

Medieval Görlitz

Görlitz is one of the best preserved medieval cities Germany. With more than 4.000 listed buildings The old town offers a unique historical ambience. The Görlitz Old Town Bridge over the Neisse connects Görlitz with its Polish sister city Zgorzelec and offers a breathtaking view.

points of interest & sights:

  • over 4.000 listed buildings in the old town
  • Görlitz Old Town Bridge 
  • Kaisertrutz and Obermarkt
Skyline von Görlitz in Ostsachsen

Bath Muskau

Known for his Prince Pückler Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bad Muskau is one green oasis. The park stretches across the Neisse and connects Germany and Poland. The Castle Bridge offers a unique opportunity to cross both countries on foot.

points of interest & sights:

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site Fürst Pückler Park
  • Castle Bridge that connects Germany and Poland

City of Guben with Neisse Island

Guben, a city with fascinating Dual identity, is located directly on the Neisse. The Neisse Bridge connects Guben with the Polish city of Gubin and the Neisse Island offers a quiet place for a walk or a break.

points of interest & sights:

  • Neisse Bridge, which connects Guben with the Polish city of Gubin
  • Neisse Island


Eisenhüttenstadt has one industrial past, which is comprehensively documented in the city museum. The city also offers green oases like this Friedrich Wolf Park to relax.

points of interest & sights:

  • City museum with documentation of industrial history
  • Friedrich Wolf Park as a green oasis of relaxation

Frankfurt on the Oder: between Germany and Poland

Frankfurt on the Oder is one historic city on the Oder with a rich architectural history. The twin city Frankfurt-Słubice enables walks between Germany and Poland. The Europe Square symbolically connects the two cities.

points of interest & sights:

  • Historic Old Town 
  • Twin city Frankfurt-Słubice with Europaplatz as a connecting point
  • St. Mary's Church and town hall

Bad Freienwalde

The spa town of Bad Freienwalde is known for its Kurpark and the impressive castle. The Oder-Neiße-Cycle path runs directly through the city and offers cyclists the opportunity to explore sights.

points of interest & sights:

  • Spa park and impressive castle

Schwedt: enchanting city in Brandenburg

Schwedt, with its industrial history, also offers cultural highlights such as Market square and the castle park. The waterfront promenade along the Oder invites you to stroll.

Lower Oder Valley National Park

The “Unteres Odertal” national park is located directly on the Oder-Neißecycle path and extends along the lower Oder valley on the German-Polish border. This national park was founded to protect the natural course of the Oder river and is for its River floodplain landscape known. You can, especially in the area around Schwedt and Criewen diverse flora and fauna, including migratory birds, cranes and wild horses, observe.

Stettin: The interesting port city

Stettin is one lively port city with a fascinating mix of historical and modern architecture. The castle and the old town invite you to take a walk, and the harbor area offers a maritime flair.

points of interest & sights:

  • Szczecin Castle and Old Town
  • Port area
  • Hook terrace
  • St. Jacobi Cathedral


Ueckermünde, located directly on the Baltic Sea, is known for its Harbor and the historic old town. Cyclists can enjoy the combination of river and sea landscapes.

points of interest & sights:

  • Ueckermünde harbor
  • Historic old town with half-timbered houses
  • Ueckermünder Zoo
  • Botanical garden

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Where does it go? Oder-Neiße-Bike path?

The Oder-Neiße-Cycle path runs along the Oder and Neisse rivers and extends from the City of Zittau in Saxony to Baltic Sea in Ueckermünde.

Where does it begin and end? Oder-Neiße-Bike path?

The Oder-Neiße-Cycle path begins in Zittau and ends in Ueckermünde on the Baltic Sea.

Is the Oder-Neiße-Cycle path well signposted?

The cycle path is usually well signposted. There are Signage in both directions, which guide cyclists through towns, villages and nature reserves.

How long does it take for that Oder-Neiße-Bike path?

The duration depends on the individual speed and the breaks. Cyclists should travel the entire route from Zittau to Ueckermünde at least 9 days plan on.

Where does the Neisse flow into the Oder?

The Neisse flows into the Oder near Ratzdorf. Ratzdorf is located northwest of Frankfurt on the Oder on the German-Polish border.

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