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The Baltic Sea Cycle Path: Discover unforgettable adventures in the magic of the coastal landscape ☀️

Experience the fascination of cycling along one of the most beautiful coasts in Europe. Welcome to the Baltic Sea Cycle Path, where every pedal stroke is a new section picturesque landscapes, historic cities and unforgettable experiences is. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Baltic Sea coast and let yourself be enchanted by it unique diversity enchant this cycle path. Find out more about the Baltic Sea Cycle Path!

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Maps of the Baltic Sea cycle path
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Route of the Baltic Sea Cycle Path

Route of the Baltic Sea Coastal Cycle Path in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

The most important information about the Baltic Sea Cycle Path at a glance

  • Length: The entire length of the Baltic Sea cycle path is approximately 1.000 kilometers, if you circumnavigate the island Rügen includes.
  • Number of stages: The exact number of stages can vary, but generally the cycle path is divided into around 8 to 10 stages.
  • Difficulty: light to moderate
  • Quality: The cycle path is generally well developed and asphalted, which makes for a pleasant ride. However, some sections can also be more natural.
Signage for the Baltic Sea cycle path (D2)
  • Signage: The Baltic Sea cycle path is well signposted, so orientation is easy overall. The Baltic Sea cycle path is marked throughout with this blue-green-yellow sign.
  • topography: predominantly asphalted
  • altitude: 4160 meters uphill and 4170 meters downhill
  • Most beautiful section/route: Opinions on this may vary, but we at the Mecklenburger Radtour appreciate the coastal sections Rügen with a view of the Baltic Sea.
  • start and finish: The Baltic Sea cycle path in Germany typically begins in Flensburg and ends in the Hanseatic city Stralsund or on the island Usedom.
  • Best time to travel: The best time for the Baltic Sea cycle path is from spring to autumn, when the weather is pleasant and nature is in full bloom. However, keep in mind that the summer months may be busier for tourists.

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Route of the Baltic Sea Cycle Path

Take advantage of the Map of the Baltic Sea cycle path from Lübeck to Usedomto get a first insight and overview of the length of the route sections.

Open map to full size

Route of the Baltic Sea Coastal Cycle Path in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Distance table of the Baltic Sea cycle path (Flensburg-Lübeck)

When planning your next bike tour on the Baltic Sea Cycle Path, the distances between the cities are relevant. This makes it easier for you to estimate how long you will need or whether a longer rest or overnight stay will be necessary.

Distances on the Baltic Sea cycle path Flensburg-Lübeck (larger cities)
HomeObjectiveRemovalEstimated time
FlensburgLübeck520 km (total length of the cycle path)about 7-10 days
FlensburgKappeln45 km4,5 Std.
KappelnEckernförde30 km3,5 Std.
Eckernförde Kiel70 km6 Std.
Kiel Weissenhauser beach60 km5 Std.
Weissenhauser beachDahme30 km3,5 Std.
Dahme Neustadt/Holstein30 km3,5 Std.
Neustadt/HolsteinLübeck35 km4 Std.

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Your bike tour on the Baltic Sea Cycle Path: that's what the Baltic Sea has to offer

Due to the many bays and lagoon landscapes only 30 percent of the German Baltic Sea coast is on the open sea. These so-called outer coasts are divided again into Flat and steep coasts. On the flat coasts of Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are the popular and sometimes kilometer-long sandy beaches. Beach enthusiasts will get their money's worth. lying there the most beautiful beaches around the Hanseatic city of Rostock and the Baltic Sea resort of Warnemünde.

Schöne Aussicht im Ostseebad Boltenhagen auf dem Ostseeküstenradweg.
Nice view in the Baltic Sea resort of Boltenhagen on the Baltic Coast Cycle Route.

Flensburg: the city on the Danish border

Flensburg is the northernmost starting point of the Baltic Coast Cycle Route in Schleswig-Holstein. Both the city itself and its surroundings enchant with their varied and dreamlike landscape. From Flensburg you have a wide range of different tours and sights to choose from. You cycle along the Flensburg Fjord next to miles of sandy beaches and enjoy the well-kept beach promenades of the region.

Stadthafen in Flensburg an der Ostsee
City harbor in Flensburg on the Baltic Sea

Kiel: cycling through the state capital of Schleswig-Holstein

The Cycle paths along the Bay of Kiel offer a fantastic view of the city and the expanse of the Baltic Sea. The Kiel hinterland invites you to explore the countless lakes. Also the Kiel Canal is reached quickly and always worth a trip. Here you can relax after your bike tour and admire the imposing ships on their passage. Would you like a little detour? Then simply combine your trip to Kiel with one Bike tour to dreamy Eckernförde, a German port city on the Baltic Sea that is more than 700 years old. The mostly paved Baltic Sea cycle paths ensure a pleasant bike ride. The Baltic Sea coast is therefore an ideal holiday destination for all cyclists - from beginners to cycling professionals.

Verträumter Blick auf die Eckernförder Bucht, Ostsee
Dreamy view of Eckernförde Bay, Baltic Sea

Timmendorfer Strand: the most popular beach in Germany

According to surveys, Timmendorfer Strand is the most popular beach in Germany. It is probably partly due to the colorful diversity of the entire area around the beach. The nature of the beach town offers with its Ostholstein hilly landscape a nature experience of the extra class. The colors of nature really shine - from the blue of the sky to white sandy beaches to deep green forests. Long avenues, deep forests and enchanted corners to take a break make your bike tour one unforgettable experience. Look forward to the contrast between the untouched nature and the exclusive flair of the city.

Kräftiges Meer, weiße Sandstrände und tiefgrüne Wälder - der Timmendorfer Strand
Strong sea, white sandy beaches and deep green forests - the Timmendorfer Strand

Lübeck: Gothic churches, fairytale streets & lots of museums

The beautiful old town of Lübeck with the Holstentor as a landmark is a real highlight of the Baltic Sea coast. A visit to the numerous churches and monasteries is particularly worth a long stroll through the city. Lübeck, also known as "the city of marzipan", is not only the destination of the Schleswig-Holstein Baltic Coast Cycle Path, but also start for the Bike tour along the coast of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. Here waiting for you over 600 kilometers of cycling routes of the Baltic Sea Cycle Route from Priwall to Stralsund, about Rügen and Usedom to Ahlbeck with 1001 ways to experience the Baltic Sea with the country and its people.

Das berühmte Holstein-Tor (Holstentor) in Lübeck
The famous Holstein Gate (Holstentor) in Lübeck

Rostock: a traditional Hanseatic city

The Hanseatic city of Rostock is known for shipbuilding, its overseas port with ferries to Scandinavia, its brick Gothic architecture from the Middle Ages and the nearby seaside resort of Warnemünde. Due to its central location you can reach with a bike tour from Rostock from all important sights on the Baltic Sea coast

View of Rostock

Stralsund: much more than the “gate closed Rügen"

The Hanseatic City StralsundAlso the "gate to Rügen" called, impresses with its numerous brick buildings and a beautiful, enchanting old town island. With its medieval charm, the city, which is over 800 years old, joined the ranks of the UNESCO World Heritage recorded. During a visit to OCEANEUM marvel at the magnificent biodiversity of the Baltic Sea. The great thing: In many of our Baltic Sea bike tours, admission is already included. Discover by far the best marzipan in Northern Germany. The one that is handcrafted Stralsundhe marzipan is a highlight par excellence! In addition, this offers Hotel on the Jungfernstieg the perfect place to stay for a short break Stralsund and Rügen. Because: about theRügen-brücke" you can reach Germany's largest island in no time at all.

Panoramafoto vom Stralsunder Hafen mit Blick auf die Gorch Fock und dem Ozeaneum
Panoramic photo from Stralsundhe harbor with a view of the Gorch Fock and the Ozeaneum

Island Rügen: Germany's largest island

The island offers a charming change from the coast Rügen. Thanks to the many avenues and wooded areas, nature lovers will get their money's worth here. The "Rüganer", as the islanders are called up here, attach great importance to well-kept and lush green areas. You will be amazed by the north and south beaches near Sellin. For a trip to the beach you will definitely find a quiet and wind-protected place to breathe deeply. This is particularly good with the refreshing Baltic Sea air. the Baltic cycle paths Rügen are either far away from traffic or next to lightly traveled roads. They are in good condition and are 50 percent paved.
More about the island Rügen

Blick auf die Kreidefelsen, dem Wahrzeichen der Insel Rügen
View of the chalk cliffs, the symbol of the island Rügen

Island Usedom: the sunny island on the Baltic coast

You can by bike on sun island Usedom discover many beautiful and luxurious corners. The architecture of the numerous luxury villas consists of several styles, for example the Renaissance, the Baroque or the Art Nouveau. This mix of style elements is typical for the island. So much Elegance combined with fantastically beautiful coasts you rarely see them so close together.
More about the island Usedom

Sunrise at the pier on Ahlbecker Strand

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How strong is the coastal wind on the Baltic Sea Cycle Path?

The strength of the coastal wind varies depending on the weather and season very. In general, the Baltic Sea is for her Fresh breeze known and it is advisable to prepare for different wind conditions.

Who is the Baltic Sea Cycle Path suitable for?

The Baltic Sea cycle path is suitable for many cyclists, both for Beginners as well as advanced users. The route is mostly flat and well developed, which makes it attractive for families and recreational cyclists.

Are there shortcuts on the Baltic Sea Cycle Path?

There are along the Baltic Sea cycle path often alternative routes or shortcuts, which, however, may vary from section to section. It is advisable to have a detailed one Map, GPX data or GPS navigation to use to find possible abbreviations.

In which direction can the Baltic Sea Cycle Path be traveled?

The Baltic Sea cycle path can be driven in both directions, from Germany for example from Flensburg to Lübeck or vice versa. The choice of direction depends on personal preferences and travel planning.

Is there the North Baltic Sea cycle path?

Yes, there is the North Baltic Sea cycle path, which runs along the German North Sea coast. He connects the North and Baltic Seas and offers another beautiful cycle route through the region.

Which places does the Baltic Sea cycle path lead through?

The Baltic Sea cycle path leads through many places along the Baltic Sea coast. Some of the larger towns along the route are Kiel, Lübeck, Wismar, Rostock, Stralsund and Greifswald. But there are also many smaller towns and villages with a lot of charm.

Can you also start the Baltic Sea Cycle Path in Denmark?

Yes, the Baltic Sea Cycle Path – also as EuroVelo 10 known - extends along the Baltic Sea coast and crosses several countries, including Denmark. The cycle path begins in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in Germany and runs through Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the Baltic States, Russia and Poland.

In Denmark, the Baltic Sea Cycle Route runs along the coastal regions and there are various sections that are accessible to cyclists. So you can start or end the cycle path in both Germany and Denmark - depending on your travel preferences.

Can you continue from the Baltic Sea to the Elbe cycle path?

Yes, it is possible to cycle from the Baltic Sea to the Elbe cycle path (Elbe-Baltic Sea cycle path). This connection is particularly relevant for cyclists who want to combine the Baltic Sea Cycle Path and the Elbe Cycle Path to go on a longer cycle tour. 


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