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Travel information/travel planning

We pose for you Cycling and walking routes along the most interesting paths together, if possible away from the big streets and whenever possible in scenic sections, where man and nature can meet. Cycling and hiking tours simply to enjoy.

Detailed maps and information material about the travel route as well as about the things that may be of interest to the right and left of the paths and on the way are part of our travel documents. This can e.g. B. a cozy cafe, a Retreat to the "Klonen", the small museum, the hidden "secret tip", or Flora and fauna along the way and be near. This gives you the time and space to really enjoy your own experience on the go.

Travel documents

For every bike tour and hiking trip you receive as a customer of Mecklenburger Radtour Travel documents specially arranged for your tour. For each booked room you will receive a tour booklet, a hiking map and e.g. T. a travel guide. All of this can also be contained in one booklet (e.g. as bikeline Spiralo).

Furthermore, only the person registering the trip receives a hotel list and luggage tag for all participants. On request, you can receive additional travel documents, which amount to between €15,00 and €25,00 depending on the tour. The prerequisite for this, however, is that we have a booking for the trip.

You will receive your travel documents automatically as soon as the full travel price has been credited to our account. This is usually the case about 14 days before the start of the trip.

overnight service

We want you to feel comfortable on your cycling holiday feel good all around. This also includes comfortable accommodation to relax and sleep in.

For your overnight stay, we have selected and reserved guesthouses and hotels that comfortable rooms, One proper breakfast and cozy atmosphere are equipped. Houses that are special typical of the country and are of particular interest in your area are part of our service for you.

Category I rooms = Comfort: middle-class hotels or guesthouses with 2, mostly 3 stars, which offer comfortable rooms, a decent breakfast and a cozy atmosphere.

Category II rooms = Premium: Comfort or first-class hotels. Some of these are very good 3-star, mostly first-class hotels that offer special comfort or are recommended for their location and ambience. These include houses that z. B. according to DEHOGA with 3 - 4 stars. Any visitor's tax is always to be paid on site at the hotel.

Luggage transport

On our hotel transfer tours, we transport your luggage from hotel to hotel. This usually happens from 9 a.m. to 17 p.m. Please have your luggage ready for luggage transport at the hotel reception by 9 a.m. On original tours (OT) you can take a maximum of 2 pieces of luggage, each weighing 15 kg, per person. We are happy to inquire about partner tours (PT) for you!

Further information

We offer you that

  • your accommodations
    are selected through our audited selection process.
  • Individual tour requests?
    Gladly - thanks to our individual service, which is perfectly tailored to your wishes.
  • Our guest service
    always has an open ear for your wishes and suggestions.
  • luggage service
    Don't worry about your luggage - we'll take care of the transport!
  • For full driving pleasure
    we equip you with the best branded bikes.

Our bike tours impress with their unique adventure character.


The following classifications apply to the approximate assessment of the respective tour:

  • Tours without major climbs in mostly flat terrain
  • Flat to slightly hilly terrain with differences in altitude of up to approx. 150 m
  • hilly terrain with mountainous sections, height differences of 150-300 m
  • Difficult stages in mountainous terrain, differences in altitude of more than 300 m

tour character

In addition to the degree of difficulty, each tour has a tour character.

  • Sportive cycling
    Here you drive the original tour with more kilometers
  • pleasure cycling
    Set your own pace and enjoy nature.
  • family cycling
    Cycling with the whole family.
  • Exclusive cycling
    Specially arranged tours with quality accommodation.
  • strolling tours
    Mostly short stages with a lot of time.

Our bike tours impress with their unique adventure character.

Luggage transport
from hotel to hotel

booking from
Rental bikes possible

Travel documents

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