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Questions about possible discounts on your cycling holiday

This means: You cycle the tour you have chosen without being tied to a group and thus decide for yourself when you want to start in the morning, where you want to take a break and which sightseeing tour you want to follow.
We take care of a (preferably perfect) travel organization: map and tour description, luggage transport service, booking suitable hotels, Rental bikes and much more

They are as Group on road. A guide will show you the way and provide lots of information about the country and its people. It's fun to be out and about with like-minded people. How exactly the age or the composition of the group will be cannot be said in advance. But there's no denying a shared interest in cycling. 

no It is an individual bike tour, but the minimum number of participants must be reached, otherwise the tour will not take place.

Our tours are designed to be driven by a healthy, average person without the need for any special long-distance driving experience. If your health is up to the demands of such a trip, we ask you to have your doctor assess it in special cases.

To a certain extent we can vary the tours but this should be discussed with us prior to booking a trip.

No, you have the option of booking additional nights during the tour, simply indicate this when you register for your trip. Furthermore, in selected areas there is the possibility of the so-called star toursHere you have the opportunity to explore the area with day trips without having to change quarters.

You take the shortest road connection or you use the train or ship as a shortcut. 

With us, you mainly cycle on cycle paths, paths suitable for cyclists or country roads with little traffic. Federal roads are taboo for us and only come into question if it is absolutely unavoidable. But then only a few meters.

All our tours are divided into the following levels of difficulty:

  • 1: Tours without major inclines in mostly flat terrain
  • 2: flat to slightly hilly terrain with differences in altitude of up to approx. 150m
  • 3: hilly terrain with mountainous sections with height differences of 150-300m
  • 4: difficult stages in mountainous terrain, differences in altitude of more than 300m

On some tours you have the option of cycling the route in reverse order. Just contact us.

You also want to have your faithful four-legged friend with you on holiday. On request it is possible your Dog gain weight

We recommend a touring bike with gears so that you can ride on different surfaces. The use of a mountain bike is not necessary. Due to changing surfaces, our trips are not suitable for racing bikes.

Please inquire in advance with the train whether the bike can be transported to your appointment. Bottlenecks can occur during peak travel times. Should this be the case, you have the option of sending your bike to the starting hotel by post.

You will receive a list of parking spaces in the travel documents for the individual tours. General information can be found on our homepage or in the Catalog.

Of course you have the opportunity to cycle the routes with your own bike. Your own saddle can also be mounted and adjusted without any problems if the seat posts fit.

The bikes are ready for you in the first overnight hotel when you arrive. At the end of your bike tour you can leave your rental bikes in the last hotel. Simply hand in the key at reception.

You will receive a high-quality and technically flawless branded bike from us as a rental bike. In the event that you get a flat tire with this rental bike, you will receive a repair kit with repair kit and tools upon arrival. There is also a list of workshops where you can have small services or repairs carried out against advance payment and receipt. We will reimburse you for the expenses (up to a certain amount) after your return on presentation of the receipt.

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