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Bike tours in the Spreewald & cucumber cycle path ☀️

Karte des Spreewald Radwegs
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Cycling in the footsteps of the Spreewald gherkin

On round 360 kilometers from the Saxon Upper Lusatia to the gates of Berlin await you on the Spreewald and Gherkin Cycle Path fairytale forests, numerous historic towns and countless lakes and rivers. The cycle path leads through the picturesque hilly landscapes of northern Saxony to the Spreewald. He is a Lagoon-like water labyrinth that is unique in Europe under the special protection of UNESCO. All this makes a bike tour on the Gherkin Cycle Path and in the Spreewald a unique and above all culinary experience!

  • 356 kilometers of well-developed cycle paths with signposting.
  • Discover the origin of the famous Spreewald gherkin.
  • Cycling in the UNESCO biosphere reserve.
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Exciting bike tours on the Spree cycle path

The regional highlights of your bike tours in the Spreewald

On your bike tours through the Spreewald you will discover many small towns, but also larger villages and towns that have been around for centuries of the nature and culture of the Spreewaldgeprägt became. Every place offers einzigartigeSights and highlights, which are absolutely worth your visit. Convince yourself and start cycling!

Cottbus: the city of parks

Cottbus, in Lower Sorbian Chóśebuz, is the second largest city in Brandenburg and known for her Sorbian culture and traditions. The city offers many extensive parks, such as Fürst-Pückler-Platz. The city is also one ideal place for cycling along the rippling Spree. The landscape in and around Cottbus is exceptional and offers many interesting sights such as the Spree weir mill or Zoo Cottbus. Those interested in culture will find this in Cottbus, among other things Brandenburg State Museum for Modern Art, the imposing Upper Church of St. Nikolai As well as the State Theater Cottbus. The city is thus a place where history, art and nature are connected – a real one Paradise for strolling and relaxing.

Blick auf Cottbus im Spreewald
View of Cottbus in the Spreewald

Castle in the Spree Forest

Burg in Brandenburg is a Health resort in the Spreewald and ideally suited to the after a long bike ride to let your soul dangle. Spreewaldtherme offers a sauna and bathing area that invites you to relax and a Beneficial for body and soul is - especially after a fantastic bike tour through the Spreewald. There are also many in Burg traditional Spreewald houses to marvel at, which take visitors back to another time. If you want a little more action, do it Excursion to the Bismarck Tower or visit the 13 km away Local history museum in Dissen. Thus Burg offers a perfect mix of physical Activity, recreation and culture.

Blick auf idylische Sehenswürdigkeiten in Burg im Spreewald
View of idyllic sights in Burg im Spreewald

Lübbenau: the Sorbian cultural metropolis

Luebbenau in Brandenburg is consideredSorbian metropolis and is known for its rich history and culture. Especially that Castle Park invites to Marvel, relax and walk a. In addition to the excellent cycle paths Boat trips in the Spreewald another highlight where you can idyllic landscape and experience the water up close. In addition, the Spreewald village shows Lehde as a unique lagoon cityin small format the life of the people in the beautiful nature of the Spreewald. The calm and idyllic atmosphere in Lübbenau is therefore ideal for a break from everyday life and offers pure relaxation!

Großer Spreehafen in Lübbenau im Spreewald
Large Spreehafen in Lübbenau in the Spreewald

The resort of Lübben

Just a stone's throw away lies the tranquil Lübben, which in comparison to the "more urban" Lübbenau as quiet is applicable. One of the most famous sights in Lübben is the Castle Island, on which this Lubben Castle located. With the castle, the gardens and the proximity to the Spree, the island is a popular destination and offers a idyllic atmosphere. Another highlight is the possibility of using the typical Spreewald boats to drive on the Spree and the Landscape from a different perspective to experience. It is also worth seeing Paul Gerhardt Church, an important example of Protestant church architecture in the Dahme-Spreewald district. Lübben is therefore a place where you Connect nature and culture and relax in the quiet of the city.

Märchenhafter Ausblick im Spreewald
Fairytale view in the Spreewald

The district town of Beeskow

Beeskow is one picturesque town in Brandenburg, surrounded by forests, lakes and rivers. The city has one well-preserved medieval old townwith city wall and is therefore an ideal destination for those interested in history. The Castle Beeskow is one of the most famous sights and a must for every visitor. Passionate anglers will also find the here Possibility of fishing or canoeing. Those interested in culture, on the other hand, can look forward to numerous Concerts, theater performances and art exhibitions looking forward.

Panorama vom Marktplatz Beeskow, Spreewald
Panorama from the Beeskow market square, Spreewald

Berlin-Köpenick – where the Spree and Dahme meet

Berlin-Köpenick is in the southeast of Berlin and is one of the most scenic and largest districts the city. With his dense forests, glittering lakes and beautiful parks the district enchants its visitors nostalgic charm. The conservation area combing silk and the Müggelsee, Berlin's largest lake, invite you to Relax and unwind a. If you are interested in architecture, you will find UNESCO World Heritage Garden City Falkenberg exactly the right place to be inspired by the impressive buildings. So who that Escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and want to enjoy nature is in the right place in Berlin-Köpenick.

Blick auf die Spree/Dahme in Berlin-Köpenick
View of the Spree/Dahme in Berlin-Köpenick

Fürstenwalde: the cathedral city on the Spree

Fürstenwalde is one historic town in Brandenburg with a well-preserved town center and town wall. Visitors can look forward to a time travel go and experience the history of the city up close. This is one of the most famous sights city ​​Museum, hunting lodgeFürstenwalde and the St. Mary's Church. The city is also near the Märkische Schweiz nature park. The forests, lakes and hills are excellent explore by bike. Fürstenwalde also offers cultural highlights like this Annual Spreewald and Schützenfest, where visitors can experience and celebrate local culture. Fürstenwalde is therefore a place in which History and nature with cultural events connect.

Cycling in the Spreewald: our most beautiful bike tours

On your cycle paths through the Spreewald and along the cucumber cycle path, our trips connect the most beautiful places and sights commonality. Discover the uniqueness of the natural and urban landscapes and experience an unforgettable dream holiday.

Excellent region

4,7 / 5 stars
rated by 97 cyclists.

Beginner bike tours in the Spreewald

Our beginner tours for all ages: You don't have to be a professional athlete for our bike tours. The tours are designed for you at your own paceaneventful vacationenjoy can. In addition, our tours are also suitable for unforgettable family outings with young and old, big and small.


Romantic Spreewald tour

Experience a full week Spreewald romance on a bike tour that takes you from Cottbus through the picturesque landscape of the romantic Spreewald leads. At the beginning you have the option of the famous Branitz Park to visit. the as Masterpiece of garden art current park gives an idea of ​​the beauty of the landscapes to come. In Castle, the gateway to the Oberspreewald, make your first stop. The tour continues along numerous rivers and streams to Lübbenau, where you can Enjoy the home atmosphere arrive at one of the many ferry ports before continuing to the Lower Spreewald. Take the opportunity for a little rest and a refreshing swim in the Neuendorfer or Groß Leuthener See.

Blick auf idylische Sehenswürdigkeiten in Burg im Spreewald
View of idyllic sights in Burg im Spreewald

In Sloppy arrived, discover numerous sights like that Peasant Museum and the one there private brewery. Then cycle through dreamlike pond landscapes back to Luebben. In addition, worry Paddle boat rides for plenty of variety before heading back to Burg. You will discover this on the way back Stork village Dissen with its local museum and the impressive river restoration with many newly settled plant and animal species.

The conclusion of your cycle tour through the Spreewald is a short one "Mining tour" through the former lignite opencast mine. Here, in the Lusatian Lake District, the future “Baltic Sea“, soon to be the largest artificial lake in Germany. You will be back in Cottbus a week full of nature, culture and activities to keep in memory.

If you are the Experience the romance of the Spreewald a little faster If you want, we offer you our first-class bike tour on the classic cucumber bike path at. Here you are then on the road for six instead of seven days.

The Märkische castle tour

Experience our comprehensive in eight days Märkische castle tourthat you up close to the Polish border leads. starting point is Beeskow, where you can optionally do that Castle Museum can visit. You cycle along the Spree through the paradisiacal Schlaube valley, that with rare animal and plant species enthused. Small hikes are also possible here. Relax at the Madlitzer See, wherever you are wellness offers to be able to use. Other cultural highlights such as the Tin figure exhibition in Gusow Castle and the beautiful castle park Alt Madlitz waiting for you.

Auf dem Theodor Fontane Cycle Path it goes on Bad Freienwalde and for Oderbruch, where you can experience untouched nature and tranquility. More stations like that Research city of Muencheberg with your city ​​Museum and the breathtaking St. Mary's Church as the Buckow Nature Park, the pearl of Märkische Schweiz, offers beautiful landscapes.

Enjoy your stay in Steinhofel and explore the English parks during an evening stroll before continuing the next day to the medieval old town and the Hubertushöhe Castle in Storkow cycle. The Baroque palaces in Kossenblatt and Groß Rietz are the final highlight before you end your trip in Beeskow.

The discovery tour through the Spreewald

Fascinating landscapes with countless rivers and canals await you on this 7-day Discovery tour through the Spreewald. Your cycle tour in the Spreewald begins with a visit to the beautiful Branitz Park in Cottbus and leads you to the "Venice of the East", after Burg. Visit that White Stork Center in Vetschau and then cycle through the high forest woewhere you im Freilandmuseum learn more about the life of the Sorbs.

Past spectacular pond landscapes it goes on Sloppy, one of the most beautiful villages in the Lower Spreewald. Discover that here Peasant Museumthe barge ferry port and the visitor center UNESCO biosphere reserve. The Köthener See invites you to swim before it passes through the Brandenburg pine forest back to Lübben goes.

Kanalfahrt auf der Fliess im Spreewald

On the way to Straupitz can you a Paddle boat or canoe trip undertake, visit the Schinkelkirche and the wonderful view from the Bismarck Tower enjoy. Finally, along the Cottbus Baltic Sea, a flooded, former lignite mine, back to Cottbus.

On our Great Spreewald tour expand your cycle tour by one Round trip at Krasnick and Schlepzig – as well as an overnight stay in one of the two places. You will discover the beautiful landscapes of the region and the culture of the people who live there.

The Spreewald Wellness Tour

relaxation and recovery are the focus of these 8 days wellness tour through the Spree Forest. Already the arrival after Cottbus offers with the Sauna & Spa Branitz or a walk through the Pueckler Park first relaxing wellness moments. The next day we continue to Koselmühle and ins Sauna village Leuthen, before one refreshing break at the Spremberg dam lures. The Kutzeburg mill offers another way to relax.

This is waiting for you on the way to Burg White Stork Center, Vetschau Castle and the Slav Castle Raddusch. In Lehde the History and tradition of cucumber cultivation in the Cucumber Museum experienceable, including "cucumber tasting“. The secret capital Lübbenau impresses with the castle island and numerous ports, while the Open-air museum in Lehde into the life of the Sorbs in the 19th century. We recommend this for on the go Votschofska restaurant as one culinary break. But a detour to Krausnick or Schlepzig is also recommended.

Load back into castle beneficial cucumber wellness programmes invite you to relax before heading back to Cottbus past the Cottbuser Ostsee - a wonderful cycling holiday!

From Cottbus to Berlin-Köpenick

Experience on this 7 day Bike tour from Cottbus to Berlin-Köpenick  unique blend of nature, culture and history. The tour begins with an exploration of Cottbus, before you cycle along the largest contiguous pond landscape in Germany and that Peitz ironworks and fishing museum visit.

It continues along the Spree through the scattered settlement of Burg or on the cucumber cycle path to the stork village of Dissen. By the green labyrinth of the Spreewald guides you along the route the next day woe, where they from the saddle into a canoe change and explore the beautiful nature.

Großer Spreehafen in Lübbenau im Spreewald
Large Spreehafen in Lübbenau in the Spreewald

It continues through this Brandenburg town of Beeskow with its excellently preserved city ​​center and the almost completely preserved one city ​​wall. Before you drive through one of the most beautiful forest areas in Brandenburg, pay a visit Culture Museum Beeskow.

From Fürstenwalde you finally reach Berlin-Koepenick, from where you can easily get to the city center. We would be happy to book you Overnight stays in the vibrant capital.

Family cycling in the Spreewald

Experience unforgettable days with your loved ones on our 8 day Family bike tour through the Spreewald, A unique combination of nature and culture awaits you! You start in Cottbus, a small one Big city in the countryside. Visit the Eliaspark, the Spreeauenpark and the Tierpark. Refresh yourself in Vetschau summer swimming pool or cycle to the adventure playground in the Kurpark Burg.

On your journey in the Spreewald you always follow the red cycling devil through the shady high forest Slav Castle Raddusch and visit that Spreewald Aquariumthat you and your children die rich flora and fauna of the region brings.

Eine Familie sitzt mit den Fahrrädern am See und schaut auf eine Karte

In Luebben arrived, offers one Canoe trip as well as a visit inSloppy, one of the prettiest villages in the Lower Spreewald. A Excursion to Tropical Island or to the Köthener See provides variety and makes the hearts of your little ones beat faster. After a Raft ride on a water playground or a visit to the Spreewaldtherme back to Burg. A stopover in Dissen with his stork villages and the local museum, which vividly conveys the traditions and stories of the Sorbs, is highly recommended here. On the last day of your dream trip is the Return to Cottbus - on request with an extended stay, which we will be happy to book for you.

You and your family are interested in a shorter tour through the Spreewald? With our short family bike tour in the Spreewald meet them an excellent choice!

Discover Spreewald gherkins on the Gherkin Cycle Path

The Spreewald wouldn't be the Spreewald if it weren't for the delicious gherkins. The Spreewald is a real pleasure region, where you can spend your cycling holiday. How and where the cucumbers are grown how the cucumber farmers pickle them and what about the mysterious Spreewald family recipes is all about, you will find out in many places to the left and right of the Spreewald Gherkin Cycle Path.

Spreewald cucumbers from the factory

"To the Spreewald witch" in Luebbenau,Boblitzer Chausseestrasse 16: If you with the Mecklenburger Radtour are on the cucumber cycle path, you hardly have to leave the path to get to the RABE Spreewald Konserven GmbH delicious regional Spreewald gherkins to taste and buy directly from the factory. At the same time, during the cucumber harvest season, you can June to August consider company tours take a look behind the scenes. These always find Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10.30: a.m instead.

The prominent farm shop for Spreewald gherkins

"Gherkins Paule" in Lübben, Hauptstrasse 6/7: "If you're ever in the snake ditch, you have to ask for Paule right away" - the slogan of Cucumber Paule fits exactly - you'll find that out when you probably the best-known Spreewald gherkin seller at his booth on the Lübben Castle Island visit. So that nobody buys a pig in a poke, you can relax in Paule's cozy little wooden house Try the tastiest Spreewald gherkins. The offer ranges from mustard, garlic, horseradish to pepper gherkins.

Our tip: It is best to take a small cool bag with you in the saddlebag so that the cucumbers remain fresh even on hot days and the next stop becomes a culinary delight.

Spreewald weekly market on cucumber day

Every Wednesday (excluding public holidays) takes place on the Market place in Burg, right next to the fire brigade museum, the Weekly market for Spreewald gherkins instead of. Try the various Spreewald gherkins regional dealer. It is up to you when you come with your e-bike or trekking bike. The market is always from 7 a.m. to 18 p.m open.

The Cucumber Museum

How did it all start with the cucumber in the Spreewald? In one of the oldest buildings in the village of woe (An der Dolzke 4 + 6) will be yours history alive. A must for cyclists who are on the cucumber cycle path. Of course, waiting through at the end of the journey the history of cucumber cultivation and processing a taste of original Spreewald gherkins.

Additional services included - for a relaxed Spreewald bike tour

With our exclusive bike tours we offer you convenient additional services at no extra cost to make your stay as pleasant as possible. We take care of your physical, physical and mental well-being and ensure that you experience an unforgettable holiday.

Comfortable accommodation in the Spreewald

All hotels are clean and well-groomed and have one shower or bath. In all accommodation you will receive a rich breakfast. So you start the day well nourished and can look forward to your daily excursions.

Bei allen Hotels erhalten Sie ein reichhaltiges Frühstück.
All hotels offer a rich breakfast.

Luggage transfer from hotel to hotel

So that you can travel freely throughout the day, we transport your luggage from hotel to hotel. So you don't have to worry and enjoy the fantastically beautiful nature in all ease.

Wir transportieren Ihr Gepäck jeden Tag von Hotel zu Hotel.
We transport your luggage from hotel to hotel every day.

Individual bike tour in the Spreewald

All bike tours are individual trips without a guide. So you have no stress and cycle the stages at your own pace. Take breaks according to your taste. This gives you the opportunity to stay longer in certain places and to stroll through the numerous towns. Enjoy your bike tour to the fullest!

Zwei Radfahrer gehen mit ihren Fahrrädern über die Brücke im Müritz Nationalpark

Travel documents with tips for daily planning

In our extensive travel documents you will find detailed suggestions and tips for planning the day. Of course, you can also completely deviate from it and plan something of your own. The only important thing is that you arrive at your destination or your accommodation in the evening.

Sie erhalten umfangreiche Reiseunterlagen zu jeder gebuchten Reise.
You will receive comprehensive travel documents for every trip booked.

Rent bikes and on the spot in case of breakdown

Of course you have the possibility Bicycles and e-bikes can be rented from us for a fee. In the event of a flat tire or other complications, we are always happy to help and advise you. You can reach us via our service hotline + 49 (0) 3831 30676-0.

Reifenpanne mit unseren geliehen Fahrrädern? Wir helfen Ihnen gerne weiter!
Flat tire with our borrowed bikes? We're here to help!

Well-developed cycle paths for beginners and professionals of all ages

The cucumber and Spree cycle paths are well developed and signposted. All routes are easy to drive and guarantee a pleasant bike ride and a relaxing holiday. Our bike tours in the Spreewald are suitable for all ageswhether you are a beginner or a professional. Because: We want to make your stay as pleasant as possible. For even more relaxed tours we also offer E-bikes and pedelecs for rental. So you don't have to worry about your own bike.

Im Hintergrund das Schloss Lübben davor ein Park

Our extensive range of accessories for your cycling holiday in the Spreewald

For the detailed planning of your bike tour through the Spreewald you can join our travel information and our Map a first Overview of the route through the Spreewald provide. There you will also find further information on the regions of Cottbus and Berlin. Distances and estimated driving times for the individual stages, see our detailed distance table. This makes it easier for you to estimate how much time you need for the tours and whether you may need to take a longer break. The times in our distance table are estimated and rounded. They refer to one Average speed of 15 kilometers per hour.

Cities and municipalities in the Spreewald and the region

Alt Madlitz, Bad Freienwalde, Beeskow, Berlin-Köpenick, Buckow, Burg, Cottbus, Dissen, Fürstenwalde, Golßen, Groß Leuthen, Groß Neuendorf, Groß Rietz, Gusow, Kersdorf, Klinge, Kolkwitz, Kossenblatt, Krausnick, Kutzeburg, Lehde, Leipe , Letschin, Leuthen, Lubholz, Lübben, Lübbenau, Maiberg, Müncheberg, Neuhardenberg, Peitz, Raddusch, Rosengarten, Sauen, Schadow, Schlepzig, Seelow, Spremberg, Steinhöfel, Storkow, Straupitz, Vetschau, Wriezen, Wulkow

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All bike tours in the Spreewald

Spreewald gherkin gourmet tour

The pleasure tour for all cucumber lovers! Along the cucumber cycle path, 14 stations await you all about the Spreewald’s number 1 vegetable. How about a “flight” on the cucumber plane over the cucumber fields or sweating in a cucumber sauna?…

5 days
about 144 km
travel code
RPD 027

Zwei Radfahrer gehen mit ihren Fahrrädern über die Brücke im Müritz Nationalpark
From €469

The cucumber cycle path

The cucumber cycle path is a 250 km long circular route and it connects sights in the Upper and Lower Spreewald as well as on the outskirts. Almost flat terrain, a well-developed network of cycle paths and a unique forest, meadow and river landscape offer the best…

6 days
approx. 171 - 243 km
travel code
RPD 035
4,9 / 5 stars

Ein Fahrrad steht im Spreewald vor einem Fluss und einer Holzbrücke
From €319

Short tour Spreewald impressions

Spreewald means pure nature! The well-developed cycling and hiking trails offer cycling fun in a unique natural landscape, which has been included in the list of UNESCO biosphere reserves since 1991.

4 days
approx. 124 - 178 km
travel code
4,8 / 5 stars

Eine Familie sitzt mit den Fahrrädern am See und schaut auf eine Karte
From €649

Family cycling Spreewald (8 days)

Fancy a tropical bathing paradise? Fancy paddling through a river labyrinth? If so, then come to the Spreewald! Here you will find all that and much more. Short, child-friendly stages and a flat landscape profile help to keep everything…

8 days
approx. 138 - 209 km
travel code
3,8 / 5 stars

Eine Familie fährt im Wald Fahrrad
From €369

Family cycling Spreewald (5 days)

Fancy a tropical bathing paradise? Fancy paddling through a river labyrinth? If so, then come to the Spreewald! Here you will find all that and much more. Short, child-friendly stages and a flat landscape profile help to keep everything…

5 days
approx. 60 - 105 km
travel code
5,0 / 5 stars

Im Hintergrund das Schloss Lübben davor ein Park
From €589

Castle Tour Spreewald

The Spreewald is a unique cultural landscape in the heart of Europe. What is special are its innumerable streams (river courses), which form an extensive water labyrinth and provide for a characteristic flora and fauna. Due to its flat…

7 days
approx. 196 - 242 km
travel code
RPD 60
4,5 / 5 stars

Logo: Bestpreis Garantie
Großer Spreehafen in Lübbenau im Spreewald
From €649

Spree cycle path Cottbus - Köpenick

Berlin, Berlin, we are driving to Berlin! And that on a classic among Germany's cycle paths, the Spree cycle path. Well developed and uniformly signposted, it leads along the Spree on a flat landscape profile from Cottbus to the gates of the…

7 days
about 239 km
travel code
RPD 03
4,8 / 5 stars

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