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Bike tours in the Spreewald & cucumber cycle path ☀️

Map of the Spreewald Cycle Path
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Cycle in the enchanting Spreewald

Fairytale forests, numerous historic towns and innumerable lakes and rivers await you on the Spree Cycle Path, around 360 km from the Saxon region of Upper Lusatia to the gates of Berlin.

  • 356 km of well-developed cycle paths with signposting
  • The cycle path leads through picturesque hilly landscapes in northern Saxony and along one of the largest brown coal regions in Europe in the Spreewald
  • The Spreewald is a lagoon-like water labyrinth that is unique in Europe and is under the special protection of UNESCO, which can be cycled through
  • Discover the origin of the famous Spreewald gherkin
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What awaits you in the Spreewald

Water, air and earth all in abundance, the Spreeradweg takes you along natural river branches of the Spree and other bodies of water. Follow the canals and discover the floodplain and moor landscapes in the Spreewald nature reserve. Feel the humidity, the fresh air and the natural tranquility in the biosphere reserve. Watch birds or deer grazing on the meadows in the biotope. Pack your binoculars, because many bird species have their nesting sites in the treetops of the Spreewald and are easy to observe. Follow the Spreeradweg or Gurkenradweg and discover an incredible variety of over 1600 plant species.

Exciting bike tours on the Spree cycle path

On the way on the cucumber cycle path

Spreewald - there was something! Exactly, the cucumber. What the secret of the Spreewald gherkins is and why a bike tour through the Spreewald is not just a culinary delight is something that cyclists can find out on a bike tour with the Mecklenburger Radtour on the cucumber cycle path. The 250-kilometer circular route connects the Upper and Lower Spreewald and follows in the footsteps of the popular sweet and sour pickled delicacy.

The Gherkin Cycle Path is part of the Spreewald Cycle Path and runs through the Spreewald UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Almost flat terrain, a well-developed network of cycle paths and a unique forest, meadow and river landscape offer the best conditions for a cycle tour with the whole family. On the "Gherkin Cycle Tour" the cycling cucumber is a constant companion on the signposts. Tour through the cities of Cottbus, Lübbenau, Krausnick, Schlepzig and Burg and numerous other villages and towns. Visit the only cucumber museum in Germany in Lehde. There are many excursion destinations in the region that make cycling holidays a wonderful experience.

Map of the Cucumber Cycle Route

Always after the cucumber: the route of the cucumber cycle path

Depending on your own pace and mood, you can discover the Gurkenradweg in the Spreewald in four to five daily stages. For example:

  1. Stage: Cottbus – Lübbenau (51 kilometers)
  2. Stage: Lübbenau – Unterspreewald (46-51 kilometers)
  3. Stage: Unterspreewald – Lübben (61-64 kilometers)
  4. Stage: Lübben - Burg (35 kilometers)
  5. Stage: Burg - Cottbus (44 kilometers)

It is only a few kilometers from the starting point of Cottbus to the town of Burg, the gateway to the Spreewald and the right start of the Spreewald cycle tour on the Gherkin Cycle Path. On the way you pass a former lignite mine, where Germany's largest artificial lake, the "Baltic Sea", is soon to be created.

The cycle path continues from Burg to Lehde, one of the most original villages in the Spreewald, where the barge is still one of the most important means of transport. Incidentally, it is not uncommon for it to be steered here by genuine boatmen. Lots of forest and watercourses accompany cyclists on the way to the first destination: the town of Lübbenau. Lübbenau is already more than 700 years old - you will notice that on an evening stroll through the lively harbor district and the charming old town, which reveals many traces of the medieval founding period.

It is a short hop to nearby Lübben. In between, you should make a stop in Straupitz, where the Schinkel Church, a masterpiece of classicism, is a real feast for the eyes. It was built between 1828 and 1832 in the style of a Roman basilica. Also worth seeing in Lübben: the last triple windmill in Europe, where with linseed oil

today the "Spreewaldgold" is produced. Of course there is also a castle in Lübben surrounded by a green gem, which is ideal for a rest.

Now it's time to get into or on the water: From Lübben, it's worth making a detour to the Tropical Island water adventure world [external link to the adventure world], which promises a South Seas feeling in an old Zeppelin hangar. Alternatively, lace up your swimming trunks at Neuendorfer or Groß Leuthener See, which you will reach later. It's worth refreshing to explore Schlepzig with full energy and in a good mood. Probably the most beautiful village in the Lower Spreewald has a farmer's museum, a private brewery and many small cafés and pubs.

On their way back in the direction of Cottbus, cyclists pass through the town of Burg again. Now at the latest you should take one of the popular gondola rides. You will almost feel like you are in Venice, but the magnificent nature along the shore will make your trip many times more beautiful and impressive than in Italian regions.

Gherkin Cycle Path: Our top 5 tips

Eye to eye with Master Adebar in Vetschau

It is no longer a secret that the most famous white storks in Germany live in Vetschau. You can secretly observe the famous “internet storks” in their nest 24 hours a day via a live camera. If you really want to be there live, you should make a detour to the White Stork Center Vetscha to do, in which young and old learn interesting facts about the red-beaked animals.

Boat trip through Lübbenau

A ride in a typical Spreewald gondola is part of every holiday in the Spreewald. If you cycle on the cucumber cycle path, you should chain up your bike in Lübbenau for a short moment and change your means of transport. It usually starts at the Großer Spreewaldhafen in the town, where moored boats, small gherkin shops, numerous beer gardens and of course the Spree itself convey an enchanting flair.

Beer tasting in Schlepzig

Welcome to one of the oldest Spreewald villages, which you are headed for on your bike tour on the Gherkin Cycle Path. Located in the Unterspreewald, the place is embedded in a mostly natural forest and water landscape. Around the year 1000 settlers were already at home here. The history of the place can be traced in the farmer's and fire brigade museums, which are well worth seeing. However, Schlepzig is particularly well-known for something else: freshly brewed beer. Take an evening detour to theSpreewald private brewery 1788’, where you have a direct look inside the brewery while you eat and see how preservatives-free beers are made. We recommend a classic Spreewald Pils. Bottom up!


The Prussian architect Schinkel worked here. The town is dominated by a basilica-like church that was consecrated in 1831 as a protestant village church. The style is not only unique in the Spreewald region and the two-tower building is a monument with lasting importance - a must-visit on your journey on the Gherkin Cycle Path through the Spreewald.


If you are on holiday in the Spreewald, you must have been here. It is the secret capital of the Spreewald, which offers a best-of of the water and wooded region. The city is often called the Venice of the East - rightly so, with more than 300 natural watercourses and almost as many bridges that shape the character of the place. But also extensive meadows and fields as well as so-called Kaupen (alluvial sand islands) roam along the cucumber cycle path, which leads directly through Burg.

By bike through the Spreewald: cycle path quality

Where nature still has the upper hand, you don't necessarily have to reckon with bad cycle paths. The Spreewald proves that! The cycle path quality in the Spreewald is excellent, so nothing stands in the way of your Spreewald cycle tour. You cycle on well-developed paths, which are consistently signposted with a cycling cucumber. You will appreciate this! Gradients are scarce, which is why the cucumber cycle path is also perfect for beginners and those new to cycling. You will only find small elevations when you have to cross the beautiful canal bridges - and you can manage them with your left hand!

Living up to its name: Here you can experience Spreewald gherkins on the Gherkin Cycle Path

The Spreewald wouldn't be the Spreewald if it weren't for these delicious little cucumbers. It is a real pleasure region where you can spend your cycling holiday. You can find out how and where the cucumbers are planted, how cucumber farmers pickle them and what the mysterious family recipes of the Spreewald are all about in many places on the left and right of the cucumber cycle path in the Spreewald.

Factory sales

"Zur Spreewaldhexe" in Lübbenau (Boblitzer Chausseestraße 16): If you take the Mecklenburger Radtour If you are on the Gherkin Cycle Path, you don't have to leave the path very far to be able to taste and buy delicious Spreewald gherkins straight from the factory at RABE Spreewälder Konserven GmbH. At the same time, during the cucumber harvest season (June-August), you can take a look behind the scenes on a factory tour. These always take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10.30 a.m.

farm shop

"Gurken Paule" in Lübben (Hauptstr. 6/7): "If you're ever in the Schlangengraben, you have to ask for Paule right away" - the motto of Gurken Paule fits perfectly - you'll find that out when you visit the most well-known Spreewald gherkin seller visit his stand on the castle island of Lübben. So that no one buys a pig in a poke, you can try everything from gherkins Paule to the most delicious Spreewald gherkins in the tranquil little wooden house. On offer are both mustard pickles and garlic pickles, horseradish pickles or pepper pickles. Tip: It is best to take a small cool bag with you in your saddle bag, so that the cucumbers stay nice and fresh even on warm days and the next stop is a culinary delight.


Every Wednesday (except on public holidays) you can taste Spreewald gherkins from various retailers on the market square in Burg, right next to the fire brigade museum. It is up to you when you are there with your e-bikes or touring bikes. The market is always open from 7 a.m. to 18 p.m.

cucumber museum

How did it all start with the cucumber in the Spreewald? History is brought to life in one of the oldest buildings in the village of Lehde (An der Dolzke 4+6). A must for cyclists looking for luck on the Cucumber Cycle Path. Of course, at the end of the journey through the history of cucumber cultivation and processing, a sample of original Spreewald cucumbers awaits.

Gherkin cycle path map: The tour at a glance!

On our cucumber cycle path map you can see all the places and stations worth seeing on your Spreewald cycle tour at a glance.

The Gherkin Cycle Path runs largely along the Spree Cycle Path. In doing so, it follows the river of the same name, which, as a nearly 400-kilometer-long tributary of the Havel, flows through almost the entire east of Germany and parts of the Czech Republic. Did you know that the Spree is one of the longest rivers in Germany?

The special nature along the course of the river is particularly enjoyable for cyclists. A wide variety of animal species such as kingfishers, white-tailed eagles, otters or the red kite have their breeding and nesting sites here and can therefore often be seen on bike tours.

The Spreewald is perfect for a cycling tour. All the highlights can be cycled in about a week. You cycle from Cottbus through Burg, Straupitz, Lübbenau, Lübben, Schlepzig, Krausnick, Leipe and Vetschau. Culinary quick visits to cucumber farmers, bathing adventures in crystal-clear lakes and lots of beautiful forest and river landscapes await you along the way. A cycle tour recommendation for the whole family!

Map of the Cucumber Cycle Route

To the Spreewald mapâ € ‹â €‹ â € ‹â €‹ â € ‹â €‹ â € ‹

More information about the Spreewald

Paradise for cyclists

Farmsteads and villages predominate in the Oberspreewald, spread out over a wide area like in a magnificently landscaped garden. In the Lower Spreewald you will find the quieter region, with large meadows and wooded areas. The flat landscape profile and the many well-signposted cycling and hiking trails make the Spree Cycle Path one of the most interesting cycling areas in the new federal states.

The path mainly leads over paved and almost always well-developed routes.

In the first section of the cycle path there are also some moderate and steeper climbs due to the hilly landscape. After that, the route is only slightly hilly to level and easy to cycle.

The Senftenberg Fortress and Castle preserve the eventful history of the Renaissance complex and give visitors plenty of time to explore its past and secrets.

Find out to whom Lusatia owes its name. The Slawenburg Raddusch is one of the fortifications of the Lusizi, a people who lived between the 9th and 10th Century AD lived in Lusatia and was opened to visitors in an elaborate reconstruction.

At the end of the tour you have the opportunity to shake hands with the captain of Köpenick in front of the gates of Berlin in Köpenick. His monument stands in front of the town hall in Köpenick. His Köpenickiade, on the other hand, is known all over the world.

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  • Almost untouched nature, which also invites you to other activities, such as canoeing

Popular travel destinations on the Spree Cycle Path

Enjoy the green Spreewald on a bike tour along the Spree

This e-book is the perfect preparation for your cycle tour on the Spreeradweg. Find out everything about the most beautiful sights along the Spree, which leads from Upper Lusatia to the federal capital Berlin. The route characteristics can be divided into 2 passages, of which we would like to introduce you to the family-friendly part from Spremberg.

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You will receive comprehensive travel documents for every trip booked.

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Flat tire with our borrowed bikes? We're here to help!
Flat tire with our borrowed bikes? We're here to help!

Cycle through Brandenburg from Cottbus to Berlin

Take advantage of that Map of the Spree Cycle Path or our table of distancesto get a first insight and overview of the length of the route sections.

Spree cycle path map

Spreewald / cucumber cycle path distance table

Map of the Spreewald

All bike tours in the Spreewald

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Spreewald romance on the cucumber cycle path

The Great Spreewald Tour offers cycling fun in a unique natural and cultural landscape. Moderate daily stages allow you to get to know the country and its people extensively. A special experience is a boat trip through the river labyrinth...

7 days
approx. 266 - 274 km
travel code
RPD 05
4,7 / 5 stars

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Märkische castle tour

Experience Prussia's splendor and glory in a unique way. 13 palaces, castles and manor houses await your visit. Admire Schinkel's unique architecture or stroll through extensive parks. In addition, the…

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Canal trip on the Fliess in the Spreewald
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Spreewald discovery tour

The Spreewald Discovery Tour offers cycling fun in a unique natural and cultural landscape. Moderate daily stages with a flat landscape profile allow you to get to know the country and the customs of the Sorbs/Wends extensively.…

7 days
approx. 213 - 261 km
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RPD 17
4,8 / 5 stars

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Great Spreewald tour

The Great Spreewald Tour offers cycling fun in a unique natural and cultural landscape. Moderate daily stages allow you to get to know the country and its people extensively. Tourist centers await along the cucumber cycle path…

8 days
approx. 266 - 274 km
travel code
RPD 04
4,4 / 5 stars

Logo: Our top cycle tour
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Star tours Spreewald-Lusatia

Welcome to the Spreewald metropolis of Cottbus. Your comfortable accommodation, the Best Western Parkhotel & Spa Cottbus, is quietly located not far from Branitzer Park and the city center. From there, explore the city of Cottbus, the…

6 days
about 182 km
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From €789

Spreewald – Wellness Tour

Take a break from everyday life! 3 exclusive wellness oases are your hosts on this circular tour through the Spreewald. Look forward to spacious sauna areas, revitalizing massages, healing mud treatments, full-body peelings...

8 days
approx. 266 - 274 km
travel code
RPD 40

From €449

Spreewald romance on the cucumber cycle path - sportive tour

The Great Spreewald Tour offers cycling fun in a unique natural and cultural landscape. Moderate daily stages allow you to get to know the country and its people extensively. A special experience is a boat trip through the river labyrinth...

6 days
about 285 km
travel code

Two cyclists cross the bridge in the Müritz National Park with their bikes
From €449

The cucumber cycle path

The cucumber cycle path is a 250 km long circular route and it connects sights in the Upper and Lower Spreewald as well as on the outskirts. Almost flat terrain, a well-developed network of cycle paths and a unique forest, meadow and river landscape offer the best…

6 days
approx. 284 - 230 km
travel code
RPD 035
5,0 / 5 stars

A bicycle stands in front of a river and a wooden bridge in the Spreewald
From €299

Short tour Spreewald impressions

Spreewald means pure nature! The well-developed cycling and hiking trails offer cycling fun in a unique natural landscape, which has been included in the list of UNESCO biosphere reserves since 1991.

4 days
approx. 93 - 151 km
travel code
4,5 / 5 stars

A family sits by the lake with their bikes and looks at a map
From €569

Family cycling Spreewald (8 days)

Fancy a tropical bathing paradise? Fancy paddling through a river labyrinth? If so, then come to the Spreewald! Here you will find all that and much more. Short, child-friendly stages and a flat landscape profile help to keep everything…

8 days
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