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cycling holidays

What are cycling holidays?

You may have heard of “Velourlaub”, Velo is the Swiss term for a wire donkey. We'll put it in a nutshell: bike. Going completely relaxed and free on your cycling holiday means cycling holiday make. We plan the cycle tour for you and your family, so you have enough time to look forward to your holiday. A sporty holiday by bike is not only healthy for the body, but also brings mind and soul into harmony. A bike tour has that certain something, on the one hand the adventurous bike tour and the challenge, on the other hand exploring the environment and regions of foreign landscapes in a different way.

Enjoy with your senses

The wind gently blows past you, the sun tickles your skin and the birds sit in the trees and chirp. So moving between valleys, hills and mountains is child's play. Everyday stress is quickly forgotten, mental and physical tensions fall away from you like a heavy burden. Why travel far away when happiness can sometimes be found on your own doorstep. Enjoy one Cycling holiday with children, friends, partner or alone.

All sorts of possibilities

Germany is a wonderful cycling travel destination with extremely magical landscapes, cultures and sights from north to south. There are numerous well-known cycle paths in Germany that you want to discover. The most popular is this Elberadweg.

He was elected in ADFC polls for the eleventh time in a row. Due to the huge selection of cycle paths in Germany and also in other European countries such as Holland, Austria or Denmark, everyone will find their favorite bike tour. It doesn't matter whether it's pleasure cyclists who take a break in the vineyards for a wine tasting, nature lovers who listen to nature or climb mountains on a hike. The path is the goal, and how you go about it and enjoy it is up to you. If you want to take it a little easier and slower, we recommend a stroll through z. B. on the Baltic Sea coast, the flat land is suitable for everyone. If you are looking for exactly the opposite, cycling holidays are for you. Bike trips are a sporting challenge in one way or another. When you cycle to your destination, you will be proud of yourself, many kilometers of bike are behind you.


Road safety is the absolute be-all and end-all of a bike tour, so it is important that your bike is technically flawless. If you prefer to leave your own bike in the basement, you can get tested rental bikes and the associated travel service from us. The travel routes that you receive from us are all practice-oriented and tried and tested. If you wish, you can also book a guided bike tour with a tour guide who knows the area. Most of the time you cycle on paved and traffic-calmed cycle paths through fields, meadows and forests. An active bike trip is recommended for every age group, as long as the motivation and vitality are there.

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