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Experience the fascination of the Weser cycle path: from picturesque stages to the North Sea ☀️

The Weser cycle path – Germany’s most popular long-distance cycle path: Immerse yourself in it idyllic landscape from the Weserbergland to the North Sea over a distance of around 520 kilometers. Discover the exciting stages and find out interesting facts about the route as well as other interesting facts about the region's sights. The Weser cycle path connects in a unique way Enjoyment of nature, culture and sporting challenges. Get ready for one unforgettable  Adventure along the picturesque Weser!

Important information
Map of the Weser cycle path
distance table
Cities & Sights
Main and alternative routes
Arrival & crossing with the Weser ferry

The most important information about
Weser cycle path at a glance

  • Length: The Weser cycle path is 520 kilometers long in total.
  • Number of stages: 8 long stages or 23 short stages
  • Difficulty: light
  • Quality: The Weser cycle path is characterized by its excellent quality. The renewed certification as a 4-star quality cycle route and the award as the most popular long-distance cycle route in Germany in the ADFC cycle travel analysis 2023 underline the outstanding quality of the Weser cycle path - over 520 kilometers through the picturesque Weserbergland to the roaring North Sea.
  • Topography/road conditions: The Weser cycle path is mostly asphalted.
  • Altitude: around 1.300 meters uphill and around 1.500 meters downhill

Course of the Weser cycle path

Weserradweg Karte
This logo indicates the Weser cycle path
  • Signage: The signage for the Weser cycle path is well implemented and enables perfect navigation along the river. A uniform logo identifies the entire route and gives you clear orientation. New, uniform markings are already planned to further improve orientation. The signage is provided in sections and is particularly suitable for families.
  • Most beautiful section: The Weser cycle path is very beautiful and varied in its entirety. The section from Verden to Bremen in particular is one of the most beautiful stages along the Weser. But the route from Hameln to Minden is also perceived as extremely interesting and beautiful in terms of landscape.
  • Where does the Weser cycle path begin and end? The Weser cycle path begins in Hannoversch Münden in Lower Saxony, where the Fulda and Werra rivers flow together to form the Weser. The destination of the cycle path is northeast of the Kugelbake Fort in Cuxhaven at the mouth of the Weser into the North Sea.
  • travel time: The ideal travel time for a bike tour along the Weser is from April to September. Here are some specific recommendations:
  • April to June: Spring offers an awakening of colorful nature along the Weser cycle path - and it is asparagus season, so the perfect time for asparagus fans.
  • July to August: You can look forward to warm weather during these months. Don't forget your swimming trunks for refreshing breaks along the way.

Our most popular cycling tours

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Map of the Weser cycle path

Take advantage of the Map of the Weser cycle pathto get a first insight and overview of the length of the route sections.

The starting point of this cycle tour is the half-timbered idyll of Hannoversch Münden - where the Werra and Fulda form the Weser. From here you follow the meanders of the river through the Weserbergland. Here you can go cycling and be enchanted by nature. Follow the Weser and let yourself be impressed by the half-timbered towns such as Höxter, Rinteln or Hameln.

The Pied Piper city of Hamelin has a magnificent old town that invites you to take a stroll through the city. Depending on the bike tour, well-known cities such as Bremen, Bremerhaven or Minden are on your route and are just waiting to be discovered by you.

All in all, a scenic and culturally very interesting journey, which is easy and relaxing to cycle due to the consistently flat route. Choose between 5 different bike tours, including a 211 km long one Cycle tour Weser Cycle Path Hann. Muenden - Minden or a more extended variant Hann. Münden - Cuxhaven.

Weserradweg Karte

Distance table Weser cycle path

Bigger cities

Distances along the Weser Cycle Path (larger cities)
HomeObjectiveRemovalEstimated time
Hann. mouthsCuxhaven520 km (total length of the cycle path)about 7-10 days
Hann. mouthsHoexter70 km4,5 Std.
HoexterHamelin70 km4,5 Std.
HamelinMinden70 km4,5 Std.
MindenNienburg60 km4 Std.
NienburgVerden60 km4 Std.
VerdenBremen55 km3,5 Std.
BremenNordenham80 km5,25 Std.
NordenhamCuxhaven55 km3,75 Std.

smaller cities

Distances along the Weser Cycle Path (smaller towns)
HomeObjectiveDistance in kmEstimated time
Hann Mündenupper weser25 km1,75 Std.
upper weserBad Karlshafen20 km1,25 Std.
Bad KarlshafenLauenforde10 km0,75 Std.
LauenfordeFürstenberg10 km0,75 Std.
FürstenbergHoexter8 km0,5 Std.
HoexterHolzminden14 km1,0 hours
HolzmindenBodenwerder28 km2,0 Std.
BodenwerderHamelin27 km1,75 Std.
HamelinHess. Oldendorf13 km1,0 Std.
Hess. Oldendorfrinteln14 km1,0 Std.
rintelnBad Oeynhausen30 km2,5 Std.
Bad OeynhausenPorta Westfalica8 km0,5 Std.
Porta WestfalicaMinden8 km0,5 Std.
MindenPetershagen12 km1,0 Std.
PetershagenStolzenau25 km1,75 Std.
StolzenauNienburg25 km1,75 Std.
NienburgHoya40 km2,75 Std.
HoyaVerden22 km1,5 Std.
VerdenAchim18 km1,25 Std.
AchimBremen25 km1,75 Std.
BremenBrake53 km3,5 Std.
BrakeBremerhaven36 km2,5 Std.
BremerhavenCuxhaven60 km2,5 Std.

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The highlights of your cycle tour along the Weser

There are ones along the Weser Plenty of towns and communities worth seeing, each of which more than deserves a visit. Look forward to varied and spectacular nature cultural and historically impressive sights.

Panorama von der Weser in der nähe von Minden

Hannoversch Münden: the birthplace of the Weser

“Where Werra and Fulda kiss, they have to atone for their names, and here, through this kiss, the Weser River is created, German to the sea.”

Hannoversch Münden convinces with more than 700 half-timbered houses, some of which are very well preserved, narrow streets and the Guelph Castle Münden. With its fairytale flair, the town invites you to dream. The well-developed cycle paths around the city and along the Weser transform your stay into a truly unique experience. See for yourself!

Hannoversch Munden mit mittelalterlichen Fachwerkhäusern
Hannoversch Munden with medieval half-timbered houses

Bad Karlshafen on the Weser cycle path

Bad Karlshafen, a baroque jewel, offers an easy half-day route past the Hanoverian cliffs and the Godelheim Lake District. In front of the city there is a ferry for cyclists with which you can cross the Weser near Wahmbeck. The city is impressive baroque architecture, One Kurpark on the banks of the Weser and cultural highlights like that Palais Porcia.

Aussichtspunkt über dem Wesertal bei Bad Karlshafen
Viewpoint over the Weser Valley near Bad Karlshafen

Holzminden: the city of aromas and scents

Holzminden was founded in 1200 near the castle of the same name and is one well-known historical town in the Weserbergland. In addition to being able to explore the city and surrounding region of the Solling low mountain range To explore by bike, unforgettable activities invite you to linger away from the Weser cycle path - like this Neuhaus Wildlife Park or Mecklenbruch raised moor. Also the one that takes place every two years around Pentecost international street theater festival or Harbor festival are great highlights that you have to experience during your stay in Holzminden!

Holzminden an der Weser,Weserbergland
Holzminden on the Weser, Weser Uplands

The Munchausen town of Bodenwerder

Do you know the stories and legends of the "Barons of lies from Munchausen“? How he rode through the air on a cannonball or pulled himself and his horse out of a swamp with his own hands - by pulling on his own braid?

Bodenwerder is all about the Baron and his fairy tales. Between yours fantastic bike tours We definitely recommend a visit Munchausen Museum. There you will learn more about the unique personality and their stories.

Luftaufnahme der Stadt Bodenwerder, Weser
Aerial view of the city of Bodenwerder, Weser

Höxter: Hanseatic town in half-timbered style

The Hanseatic city of Höxter is located in the Weserbergland and offers Pure half-timbered romance! Your stopover in Höxter promises culture and recreation at the same time. How about a visit to the former one to the north Carolingian Benedictine monastery Corvey Castle? The monastery has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2014. Alternatively, we recommend a trip to Godelheim Lake in the south of the city or the fabulous panoramic view from Weser Skywalk on the course of the Weser.

Idyllische Sicht auf Höxter, Weser
Idyllic view of Höxter, Weser

The Pied Piper city of Hamelin

The city of Hamelin is all about the Pied Piper. The fairytale old town shines with its countless historical buildings beautiful Weser Renaissance style. Listen to the Pied Piper's whistle echoing through the alleyways. Follow the music to Pied Piper statue, to the Pied Piper Theater or discover the Market Church of St. Nicolai. At the horse market you have the opportunity to relax after a stroll through the city and to unwind.

Blick auf die Landschaft im Weserbergland und Hameln
View of the landscape in the Weserbergland and Hamelin

Rinteln: town on the Weserbergland

Rinteln inspires its visitors historical flair and idyllic surroundings. The city impresses not only with its half-timbered houses, but also with the scenic diversity the surroundings. Scenic bike paths and green hills make Rinteln an attractive destination for nature and culture lovers.

Die Bäckerstrasse in Rinteln an der Weser
The Bäckerstrasse in Rinteln on the Weser

Bad Oeynhausen

Bad Oeynhausen is a small town on the German Fairy Tale Route and has a rich cultural history linked to German fairy tales. The city offers a variety of activities in the area, including natural attractions such as Game reserve in the Bad Salzuflen landscape garden.

Park in Bad Oeynhausen on the Weser

The natural paradise of Minden

Amidst the light hilly landscape and numerous idyllic communities is the city of Minden (North Rhine-Westphalia). Discover the city with one Canal-Weser tour or equip that Visitor Mine Kleinenbremen a visit. The surrounding nature reserveLarge peat bog“ offers plenty of variety with its typical high moor flora and fauna. Use your bike and go to Kaiser Wilhelm Monument in the nearby town Porta Westfalica. The monument is dedicated to Kaiser Wilhelm I and is one of the most important national monuments in Germany and above all a special kind of experience in the dark.


Märchenhafte Aussicht auf eine Holzmühle bei Minden, Weser
Fairytale view of a wood mill near Minden, Weser

Nienburg on the Weser

Nienburg an der Weser impresses with fantastic bike paths. But the city is also great to walk around historical hiking trails explore. These lead to the sights and highlights of the beautiful old town. Especially on Wednesdays and Saturdays lively activity in the city. Because then you find “Europe's most beautiful weekly market" instead of. The title is more than justified by the extremely rich offer. In the meantime, you can have a great time in the local Asparagus Museum withstand. Because: You can never know enough about asparagus!

Asparagus fountain in Nienburg an der Weser

Bremen: the city on the Weser

The most well-known landmark, the world-famous Bremer Stadtmusikanten, opens the gates for you. On the trail of the four companions Bremen city center a place of relaxation and recreation. Visit Bremen's famous market square with its ten meter high Roland statue in front of the town hall. She has been a for more than 600 years Law and freedom symbol.

Our tip: After all the sights in Bremen's oldest district, Schnoor, enjoy the unique atmosphere. Numerous cafés and restaurants invite you to linger!

Blick auf die Weser in Bremen
View of the Weser in Bremen

Bremerhaven: the gateway to the North Sea

The port city of Bremerhaven has both has a lot to offer for bicycle enthusiasts as well as those interested in culture. In addition to a highly recommended harbor tour, this conveys German Maritime Museum Interesting facts about the regional and national history of shipping. A real highlight is the "Bremen cog“, a restored ship from the Middle Ages, dates back to the Hanseatic period in 1380. That too German Emigration Center worth a visit. Here you will hear the stories of the people who set out from this port to America and around the world.

Idyllischer Kutterhafen bei Bremerhaven an der Nordseeküste
Idyllic cutter port near Bremerhaven on the North Sea coast

Cuxhaven: the North Sea town on the Wadden Sea

The picturesque dike landscape around the city and the surrounding area mud flat invite equally beautiful and refreshing bike rides a. Accompanied by the screeching of the seagulls and the sound of the high sea, you will experience the nature of northern Germany from its typical side - Frisian bitter. After an excursion to Kugelbake, a lighthouse-like one Wooden nautical symbol, you can have a great time in the “Thalassozentrum ahoi!” Cycling tours near Cuxhaven relax and recharge your batteries.

Aussicht auf Strandkörbe und Kugelbake im Nordseeheilbad Cuxhaven
View of beach chairs and Kugelbake in the North Sea spa town of Cuxhaven

Sights on the Weser cycle path at a glance: 

  • Hannoversch Münden: Weserstein & Welfenschloss Münden
  • Höxter: UNESCO World Heritage Site Corvey Castle
  • Holzminden: Weser Renaissance Bevern Castle
  • Hameln: St. Nicolai Market Church, Hameln Museum & Hämelschenburg Castle
  • Minden: Minden Waterway Cross, Minden Shaft Lock, Kaiser Wilhelm Monument & Bückeburg Castle
  • Bremen: Bremen Town Musicians, market square with Roland statue, Bremen town hall, Rhododendron Park, Übersee Museum
  • Bremerhaven: Weserdeich fishing port, museum harbor, Simon Loschen lighthouse, emigrants' house
  • Cuxhaven: Kugelbake (wooden sea mark), Duhnen beach, Cuxhaven Heath, Ritzebüttel Castle, Fat Berta

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Main and alternative route

The Weser cycle path offers two main routes: the Main route and the Alternative route. Both routes are approximately the same length and lead in the same direction. Here is the most important information about both routes:

Main route:

The main route of the Weser cycle path stretches along the Weser and offers a scenic drive through the region. Long stretches along the Weser are passable on the main route, and it is ideal for cyclists who want to Experience the natural beauty of the surroundings want. A detailed map of the main route is available on the official Weser cycle path websites.

Alternative route:

The Alternative route is an additional option for cyclists and also runs along the Weser. There are paths for the alternative route on both sides of the Weser flexible route choice make possible. Both routes offer unique perspectives along the Weser and enable cyclists to discover the beauty of the region. The alternative route runs eight stages overButjadingen to Eckwarderhörne in the north.

How to get there

With your own car:
A convenient option is to travel with your own car. Hannoversch Münden, the starting point of the Weser cycle path, is easily accessible by car.

By train:
Traveling by train is an environmentally friendly alternative. If you start in Hannoversch Münden, you should ideally travel to “Hann. Münden”. 

By long-distance bus:
For travelers who prefer public transport, traveling by long-distance bus is an option. Good connections also enable a comfortable journey here. 

Crossing with the Weser ferry

When traveling along the Weser, here is this Crossing by ferry of course also an option. The Weser ferry allows cyclists to... short break to insert and the to enjoy beautiful scenery along the river, while cycling across the river.


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