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Weser cycle path stages

Stage 1: Hann. Münden – Bad Karlshafen/Beverungen

Length of the stage: 46-55 km

Starting at the Weserfelsen, where Werra and Fulda kiss, you start your tour to Reinhardshagen and cycle past the former Benedictine monastery in Bursfelde to baroque Bad Karlshafen. On the way you can change to the other bank of the Weser using the yaw cable ferry. Overnight stay in Bad Karlshafen or Beverungen.

Stage 2: Bad Karlshafen/Beverungen – Holzminden/Bodenwerder

Length of the stage: approx. 37-55 km

In this stage you cycle through the outskirts of the Solling! This forest area is one of the largest in northern Germany. You pass Fürstenberg Castle with its porcelain factory before you reach Corvey Monastery and drive to the next cultural highlight: Bevern Castle - one of the most magnificent buildings of the Weser Renaissance. The old Hanseatic town of Höxter with its half-timbered buildings is worth seeing. Holzminden is known as a center for the production of fragrances and flavorings. Overnight stay in Holzminden or Bodenwerder.

Map of the Weser Cycle Path stages

Stage 3: Holzminden/Bodenwerder–Hamlen/Rinteln

Length: about 55 km

You leave Bodenwerder, the town of the "Liar Baron Münchhausen" and drive to the picturesque Hämelschenburg and are then captured by the Pied Piper town of Hameln. Here too you will find half-timbered houses in the style of the Weser Renaissance. Finally you reach the town of Rinteln. Overnight stay in Hameln or Rinteln.

Stage 4: Hamelin/Rinteln–Minden

Length: about 41-69 km

The Weser meanders in loops to Porta Westfalica. Through the Wiehen and Weser mountains you reach the North German lowlands. Bad Oeynhausen attracts with the "Jordansprudel" - the largest carbonated thermal spring on earth. The valley at Porta Westfalica becomes very narrow before you reach Minden. Overnight stay in Minden.

Stage 5: Minden–Nienburg

Length: about 63 km

Partly protected Shire is home to the white stork. Explore the old town of Nienburg in a different way: a bear track leads to the historical sights! Strong fortifications once protected the city, which was able to withstand the Thirty Years' War. Overnight stay in Nienburg.

Stage 6: Nienburg–Verden

Length: about 57 km

Predominantly rural idyll along the way accompanies you through small villages and farmsteads to the cathedral and equestrian town of Verden. Wide views over the flat country, meadows like green carpets, windmills and isolated farms form new photo motifs. The only German equestrian museum gives an insight into the history of the horse. Overnight stay in Verden.

Stage 7: Verden–Bremen

Length: about 53 km

At the foot of the Weser dikes, this last stage leads through lush green Weser marshland and past the stork care station, the highlight of your cycle tour in the Hanseatic city of Bremen. The Schnoorviertel, the Roland and the monument to the Bremen Town Musicians are well worth seeing. Overnight stay in Bremen.

Stage 8: Bremen–Elsfleth

Length: about 40 km

Today's stage leads along the Lower Weser on the Lower Saxony side to Elsfleth. At Elsfleth there is the opportunity to cycle through a Weser peninsula, the Elsflether Sand. Overnight in Elsfleth.

Stage 9: Elsfleth-Bremerhaven

Length: about 55 km

In the shelter of the dyke, continue north. A fresh wind, the smell of salt in the air and lots of sea and seagulls will tell you that you are on the coast. If you want, you can still take a trip to Wilhelmshaven today. At Bremerhaven you have reached the Outer Weser. It is worth visiting the “Fishing Port Showcase”. Overnight stay in Bremerhaven.

Stage 10: Bremerhaven-Cuxhaven

Length: about 55 km

You cycle the first 9 km through the large overseas port with huge facilities and the flair of the free port. Passing old lighthouses, you drive directly along the coast of the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea. Let yourself be enchanted by the small fishing villages and beautiful white beaches peppered with colorful beach chairs. In Cuxhaven, the Wattenmeer National Park information center offers even deeper insights into this cultural landscape. But the port bulwark "Alte Liebe" and the lighthouse "Dicke Berta" are also waiting for your visit. Individual departure or extension in the afternoon.

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